6 Tips For An Awesome Party Photo Booth

Make sure that there are lightings in and around your photo booth while putting together the lighting plan. If there are lights hanging in the background, keep in mind that there should be lights placed in front of the camera as well. Place these lights at average nose level pointing towards the party photo booth. This ensures that the guests’ faces are visible in the photos.

Plenty of Props:
Props are the best part of a booth. Use as much variety as possible. You can provide your guests with cutouts, signs, and masks. In addition to this, you can use wigs, hats, jewelry, and other accessories.

Highly Visible Location:
A photo booth is all about capturing subjects in a totally seriously, informal fun way. Every single guest should be able to see. It should not be set up in a separate room or in a corner.

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Polaroid Cameras:
Go for polaroid cameras if you are looking for an easy and low-tech way. This allows you to get printouts of photo booth snaps easily. Your guests of all ages know how to use it. Encourage your guests to take two snaps in the same pose. One for the guest and others can go on a frame or in an album.

Make It A Selfie Station:
Your guests might want to use their own devices to snap selfies. So, keep your party photo booth simple and make sure that a selfie stick is there for your guests.

In the end, let your guests know how they can share their photos. Whether your guests are using their own devices or you have provided them with polaroid cameras, you want them to collect and share these precious memories. You can provide them with glue sticks, album, and pens to paste photos with personal messages.

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