7 common eye & vision-related symptoms you should be familiar with

Not all eye diseases are detrimental but none should be taken lightly as well. Common eye or vision-related disorders at times are categorized into major symptoms which makes it easier to sort and come up with specific guidelines.

  1. Pink Eye

Adults and mostly kids come across an eye infection known as pink eye. If redness is from conjunctivitis or pink eye, symptoms include itching, stinging and burning sensation, inflammation, excess tearing and mucus-like discharge. Allergic conjunctivitis is non-contagious whereas viral/bacterial pink eye are harmful for vision and overall ocular health. Only an eye specialist in Dubai would decide on the course of treatment after careful diagnosis.

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  1. Allergies

Allergies may be seasonal and irritating as one would feel something invading inside or the eye. Common symptoms include itchy, red, watery and puffy eyes. How the eyes are affected depends on particular time of year and the types of plant in the area where you reside. Dust mites and moulds are common allergens.

  1. Broken blood vessels

Sclera; the white part in the eye contains tiny blood vessels that are susceptible to breaking from rigorous rubbing, straining and even lifting the eyes for fun. In this event, the eyes become bright red which indicates leaking of the blood under clear conjunctiva layered on the sclera. This condition is also referred to as subconjunctival hemorrhage in medical terminology.

  1. Eye trauma

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If something hits the eye all of a sudden, pain and blurred vision is obvious. Possibilities of scratched or gouged eye are there but it may be an unseen damage inside of the eye such as a detached retina. If this is the case, immediate consultation and treatment by an eye specialist in Dubai are crucial.

  1. Burning & itchy eyes

Allergy is the most likely cause of itching in the eye and very often, mild itching can be cured through proper lubrication from eye drops but only those recommended by the doctor. You can even apply cold compresses or ice packs on closed eyelids that’s the best for itchy eyes.

Severe itching need immediate and additional help like oral antihistamines or medicated eye drops! In case the eyelids are inflamed and red, you might’ve blepharitis but the real cause is always determined appropriately by the doctor so don’t hesitate in scheduling an appointment.

  1. Blurred vision

If you’re faced with frequent and persisting blurred vision, urgent eye care is a must. In case your vision blurs or darkens suddenly, it may indicate to retinal problem like a detachment or even stroke. Minor and infrequent blurry vision may occur due to overtiredness, dryness of the eye or eye strain perhaps.

  1. Halos & floaters

Floaters, spots and halos are normal and caused by protein fragments along with other tissues embedded in the vitreous, clear and gel-like substance inside the eye. Vitreous become more fluid with ageing which results in the floaters; thread-like strands and moving shapes that are visible. Some of the halos when accompanied by light flashes may indicate to a serious anomaly inside of the eye that can also lead to retinal detachment.


Not all symptoms are always an emergency but it’s always better to have a detailed eye check-up for assurance.

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