7 Highly Recommened Health and Fitness Apps for Healthy Living

With the advent of internet and smartphone, almost everything is accessible and possible these days. There are apps on almost everything. App for food delivery, app for booking a hotel, app for music, name it and you can instantly find one fit for you on Google Play Store and Apple Store. Now that people are getting health conscious, various companies have created plenty of health and fitness apps that can help people achieve success in terms of becoming healthy.

Now, below are health and fitness apps that are designed to offer help to people with vision of creating a healthy lifestyle. Read them below and decide for yourself:

Nike+ Training Club

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If you want to feel that you’re in control of your fitness goals, then this app is designed for you. It offers more than 100 workouts, which are done by Nike master trainers for people in all kinds of fitness levels. You can choose one particular fitness goal, and you can instantly find easy-to-follow workout plans. In every workout, it provides accurate video tutorials. You can get Nike+ Training Club for free on both iOS and Android.


This app from Abvio is best for people who are bicycle enthusiasts. Cyclemeter is only for iOS users for only US$4.99. It collects enough and accurate data and it includes well-thought-out features, and an appeal for thos who are active in several sports. Cyclemeter can track your runs, walks, and other related activities. However, it will not count your burned calories.


Don’t have enough time for gym? Or don’t have enough space for home gym and exercise equipment? Easy, there’s a solution for that. Sworkit is created for busy people and high-intensity bodyweight that can be done in five minutes to one hour. You can freely select the kind of exercise you want to do – yoga, cardio, strength – and you can discover dozens of workouts that can fit your needs. In each workout, you can follow the videos instructions smoothly, plus it has a countdown clock that monitors the number of reps left for you to do. Sworkit is available for free on both Anroid and iOS.

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fitness 2


This app can help you in counting the calories you have been taking. Users can log most meals for just a minute by searching the app’s extensive database of brand name foods. If that’s not the case, you can also put manually the recipe and MyFitnessPal will estimate its nutritional information. If you continue using this app, it will memorize your diet style. Smartphone users can get it for free on both iOS and Android.

Digifit iCardio

Want to know the real stats of your workouts? Then use Digifit iCardio. It works more than accelerometers and GPS. However, you need to have a heart rate monitor so it can access and the collect the data need. Digifit iCardio can be paired with any supported heart rate monitor and it will check your bicycle rides, runs and other workout sessions. This app also records your heart rate, distance, time, and pace. You can get this free health app from iOS and Android.

Endomondo Sports Tracker

This app is more than workout and calorie counting. It helps you to stay motivated in reaching your fitness goals. Endomondo Sports Tracker uses the GPS features of smartphone to monitor your cycling, running, jogging, skating and any other sports that can be measured by distance. It allows you as well to share your fitness achievement with your friends on social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook. You can get this app for free and US$4.99 for Pro edition. It is available on Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows Phone, and Web.


Having your own personal trainer can be too expensive and not budget-friendly. However, you can have one by using Fitmo app. This app made personal trainers accessible to everyone and thus, it can help us meet our fitness activity goals. For just US$40 a month, this personal trainer can help you in setting up fitness schedule, suggesting healthy meal ideas, and monitoring you from time to time via text messages and video calls.

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