7 Powerful Benefits of NMN For Anti-aging

Aging is a natural biological process that occurs throughout life. Although the process is normal, it causes a decline in physiological functions, marking the onset of many age-related illnesses. According to one survey, the health expenditure for the 65 years and older demographic age group is 8.5 times that of individuals in their early 30s.

Consequently, new anti-aging products to promote healthy aging hit the market daily. Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) is arguably the most popular anti-aging remedy available as a dietary supplement. The compound is a natural molecule with potent geroprotective (anti-aging) properties leading to the benefits highlighted below.

NMN Suppresses Age-related Adipose Tissue Inflammation

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One significant age-related physiological change is visceral fat deposit acceleration, meaning more fat gets deposited along the abdominal area. The abdominal area hosts multiple vital organs, including the liver and kidney, and fat encroachment around such organs impedes their function. 

Visceral fats impede hormone production and trigger inflammation, increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease and metabolic disorders like insulin resistance, type II diabetes, and obesity. However, one literature review on altered metabolism points out that NMN dosage can help improve visceral fat metabolism.

NMN is a molecule produced naturally in the body and is a precursor for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+). NAD is a coenzyme that works alongside multiple enzymes as a catalyst for numerous metabolic reactions.

Moreover, coenzyme can also substitute for some enzymes and trigger the reaction without the primary enzymes. According to a study, NMN supplementation causes an elevation in NAD+ levels. It also accelerates metabolic reactions that break down visceral fats, lowering the risk of age-related metabolic conditions resulting from adipose tissue inflammation.

It Boosts Energy Levels

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According to research, most individuals within the advanced age demographic eat less food due to the physiological anorexia of aging. Therefore, they have less energy to expend, which makes routine tasks tiring.

Physiological anorexia of aging begins when age causes olfactory function impairment or decline. Olfactory senses like smell and taste receive and transmit the cues that promote hunger signals to the brain, stimulating appetite. Therefore, olfactory dysfunction causes an appetite dip due to insufficient sensory stimulation. Second, stomach function also changes with aging causing early satiety. The abovementioned factors mean that advanced age prevents individuals from consuming enough calories for sustainable energy production. 

However, NMN consumption can help increase energy production via visceral fat metabolism. A study established long-term NMN supplementation as having a preventative effect against age-related energy metabolism impairment. Its precursor role in NAD+ production triggers metabolic processes that facilitate energy production.

It Helps Maintain Memory Function

Memory loss is another undesirable health condition and is a typical symptom of age-related neurodegenerative diseases like dementia, mild cognitive impairment, and Alzheimer’s. According to research, normal brain mitochondrial respiratory function is essential for memory consolidation and retention. 

Poor memory function can affect independence and lower your quality of life. However, NMN supplementation can help improve memory function as follows.

The supplement’s effect on metabolism improves the brain’s mitochondrial respiratory function by inducing cerebral vasodilation. A study shows that cerebral vasodilation improves cognitive functions, including memory.

It Improves Cardiac Health

Besides visceral fat acceleration, changes in the heart muscle and arterial wall elasticity are also risk factors for heart disease. According to one literature review, arterial walls stiffen with age owing to increased muscular calcification or the calcium deposition along arterial walls. Arterial calcification causes the heart to work harder to pump blood, elevating systolic blood pressure and can cause heart failure. 

However, a study review shows that NMN treatment can reduce arterial stiffness and restore or lower systolic blood pressure. NMN enhances endothelium-dependent dilation (EDD), the arterial wall’s adaptive response to organs’ signaling for increased blood flow.

It Improves Muscle Strength

An expert review indicated that aging results in sarcopenia, a health condition whereby the number of specific muscle fiber types, including IIA and IIB muscle fibers, falls. IIA muscle fibers are fast-twitch fibers that fire or activate fast, facilitating quick movements. IIB muscle fibers are also fast-twitch and are powerful, facilitating intensive activities like lifting heavy weights.

Besides decreasing muscle fiber count, aging also causes muscles to shrink, lose mass, and become weak. Age-related muscle weakness impairs balance and increases the risk of falling.

However, according to one study, NMN supplementation helped improve muscle responses among aged men. The Study’s participants received either 250mg of NMN or a placebo for 12weeks. Study results showed that NMN supplementation caused significant improvement in gait speed and performance in a grip test, demonstrating increased muscle activation, strength, and function.

NMN Facilitates DNA Repair For Gene Expression

Gene expression is a vital physiological process that helps maintain healthy cellular structure and function. However, a literature review on morbidity points out that the aging process gradually accumulates DNA damage, leading to abnormal gene expression and cellular aging.

Cellular aging causes the downregulation of genes necessary to synthesize healthy cellular receptor proteins. Receptor proteins enhance cell function by allowing enzymes and hormones to attach to target cells, but downregulation decreases receptor protein sensitivity. However, research shows that NMN supplementation inhibits cellular DNA damage.

Improves Physical Activity Capacity

According to one government health directive, physical activity is essential for healthy aging. The directive recommends getting 150 minutes of exercise weekly, yet most elderly individuals cannot exercise due to impending age-related health issues. 

However, NMN’s effect on energy production and heart and muscle function improves one’s mobility and capacity to exercise. According to one double-blind study, NMN supplementation increased aerobic capacity and endurance among middle-aged amateur runners.


NMN supplementation has immense potential as a safe and effective way to promote healthy and dignified aging. However, the dietary supplement industry is highly unregulated, so ensure you purchase NMN supplements from trustworthy brands to reap geroprotective/anti-aging benefits.

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