7 Secrets to a Fun Wedding Reception

While your wedding reception or ceremony has to be both crucial and special (the moment that says, you will finally get to be with your life partner forever!), the wedding reception probably is what you and all your guests must be looking forward to in Atlanta! Of course, who does not want to dance, eat, and drink, right?

Keep in mind that the best wedding reception decor has to include the unsurpassed celebrations, it has to offer something fun, unique, and personal to keep all your guests talking and smiling about it for a long time, even after the most awaited last dance. As you read on below, get inspired by some all-time favorite ideas from straightforward planning tricks to entertainment that’s wow-worthy!

This sounds obvious, but do not disregard the importance of having a solid seating arrangement. You should always place guests with the people they will feel comfortable with, people they know. For something new, or to increase socialization, you can also think of a matchmaker and force your guests to sit with complete strangers to make new friends. At the end of the day, your guests will make new pals!

Think of it in another way, a well-planned seating arrangement will lead to some great conversations, and a great dance party. Seat teenage cousins with other kids of the same age; let your old college friends sit together.

  • Hire a Wedding Planner

Sure, on a grand day like your wedding, you must be having tons of fun-filled ideas all lined up for your wedding reception, but regardless of how well organized you truly are, it is much more difficult than you will think. When it comes to planning a wedding, you have to consider several aspects of the wedding planning. The best tip here is to work with wedding planners, such as those at Let’s Celebrate Events who can work along each step of the way to look into your grand day, plan the theme, and oversee every detail of the event.

  • Hand Out Some Favors

In any wedding, favors can serve as the cherry on top of the fabulous reception! So you should let your guests know exactly how much you appreciate their presence and offer them some “take home” treats (you can consider some hot cocoa mix, doughnuts, your favorite coffee beans, marshmallows, or jars of local honey). You can also have something different like a cute plant or some branded sunglasses with the initials of you and your spouse and the wedding date.

  • Keep Some Plans for the Kids

Kids, as we all know, are hard to keep busy. However, on your wedding reception, you can keep all the little ones well entertained on the dance floor, or create a special area for them. In a separate room, you can arrange a babysitter, or have some games, movies, crafts, or more ideas like few tables topped with crayons, coloring books, and small toys.

  • Offer an Interactive Food Station

According to Amy Nichols from Let’s Celebrate Events, “on any occasion, great good always takes the night to the next level!” You should offer your guests some delectable food; customize the menu to their liking. You can have some interactive stations of food, from sushi rolling setups to the mac-n-cheese bar, where your wedding guests can customize their own ideal bites and enjoy their time! Just make sure that on their table a good set up is also made. Adding a good tablecloth and Polyester Napkins would add a nice set up where your guest can enjoy eating the food served.

  • Plan Some Great Music

Sometimes, the best part of a wedding reception is when guests do not see what’s coming their way. Music plays a major role in weddings, and you can surprise your guests in the most unexpected way by offering some live entertainment during the cocktail hour. Think out of the box, as you can have a mariachi band, a magician, salsa dancers, or aerialists.

You can also have a great music band to help take the party to the fun side. You can ask some bands to play the songs your guest’s request. If you are planning a three-piece band, you can ask whether they will provide the playlist or check with them to approve their picks before the event.

Keep in mind that whether you hire a DJ or a band, you would want to pack the dance floor with some songs that will please your guests and push them to shake some moves! Mix up some of your favorites, and keep the dance floor empty!

  • Plan Some Fun Surprise

A tip for you here, especially if you wish to keep your guest well entertained is to plan a surprise for them at the end of the night. This will keep them looking forward to the night. You can plan some surprise for you and your spouse signing your favorite songs with the music band for the last dance or plan a memorable getaway such as a firework send-off.

Planning a wedding can be a fun experience, you just need to make sure that you think out of the box and add something special to the event. Coordinate the night with your wedding planners and be sure to offer your guests an experience they will cherish for a very long time! Of course, this will also give you and your spouse the chance to look back on the day and bring a smile on your face!

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