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Game of the Year #7: Sonic Frontiers PS5 PS4 1
Graphic: Drive Sq.

Look. Sonic has been in a tough place for bloody ages. There is no acquiring away from that, no matter how fast you can operate. SEGA essential to shake factors up, lest its mascot spiral even more into the abyss. By some wonder, Sonic Crew eventually realised it essential to buck up its suggestions, and the final result is the character’s greatest 3D game in a extended, lengthy time. Sonic Frontiers lastly places the hedgehog back again on the suitable track, and which is commendable.

We are not indicating it can be with no its flaws this is a much from perfect journey, but it lays down a solid basis that sets us up for some potentially good entries in the upcoming. 1st and foremost, what the match receives right is how Sonic moves. The open earth offers the blue blur a lot of room to run, and blasting alongside tremendous speedy is just basic enjoyment. In addition, his platforming qualities come to feel tighter and much more responsive than in any of the boost-type video games, and actually, that’s half the fight won.

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