7 star kids who don’t know who has given birth to them. Third one is really shocking

Celebrities kids have always been in news no matter what. But these are star kids who have continued to make headlines since the time they are born. Given here is the list of the star kids who don’t know who has given birth to them even today. Let’s have a look at them here. 

Yohan Khan

Yohan Khan: Yohan is generally believed to be the third child of Sohail Khan and wife seema who is again born through surrogacy. The couple decided to have their second child after the ten years of their first child. He was born in June 2011. Sohail got married to seema in the year 1998.

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Abhram Khan

Abhram Khan: This third child actor of Bollywood King Khan Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan was through the process of surrogacy. He was born in the Month of May and being a mother of two kids, Gauri for two years failed to have another baby. First they had decided to adopt but then later decided to go through the process of surrogacy. 

Prince Michael II

Prince Michael II: Third child of Michael Jackson and Prince Michael was brought into the world by using his sperms. The kid was born on the 21st Feb 2002 and made a headline, when Michael held the nine month old from the balcony. According to the sources the surrogate mother was a Mexican whom Michael choosed after a long search. 

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Roohi and Yash: Bollywood biggest film maker Karan Johar turned to become a single parent of twins a girl and a boy, who are again born through surrogacy. The two were born in Feb 2017. And the name of the kids is Roohi and Yash. 


Lakshya: This bollywood famous star Tushar Kapoor shocked the industry, by reveling the birth of his first son Lakshya through Virto fertilisation and surrogacy in the year 2016. Tushar with his step turned out to be thr first celebrity dad in India. 

Azad Rao Khan

Azad Rao Khan: Bollywood superstar Amir khan and film maker Kiran Rao are the first couple in the industry who brought their child in the world through the process of surrogacy. The actor reveled that Kiran had gone through many miscarriages and that’s is why they decided to go through the process of surrogacy for the third child. The actor also said that the third child was very special to them as he was born with a lot of wait and difficulties. 

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