#8 – Tunic | Drive Sq.

Game of the Year #8: Tunic PS5 PS4 1
Picture: Press Sq.

Tunic arrived a tiny afterwards on PlayStation consoles, but by then, its position as a strike indie match was already certain. Mostly made by just just one man or woman, this plucky action experience transcended its humble origins to become a single of 2022’s very best-rated video games.

It is really not as well tough to see why. At to start with glance, it appears like a basic Zelda-model tour, and in some techniques it is. With its inspiration worn proudly on its sleeve, Tunic is successful in capturing the really feel of the classics. Very simple nevertheless incredibly hard battle, a picturesque map to discover, and all forms of merchandise to unlock — it can be speaking a rather basic gaming language, and on its have that would’ve likely been enough.

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