A Brief Introduction To Equipment You Need In Golf Course

You need to maintain a whole fleet of vehicles and machines for complete golf course maintenance. You cannot use the same mower for mowing fairways, greens, tees and other areas. A golf course facility requires walk-behind mowers, primary rough mowers and other types of mowers for maintaining conditions golfers want in these areas. In addition to this, irrigation, top dressing, aeration and other maintenance activities require a wide range of machines. You can easily provide the best possible surface to golfers if you have all the required pieces of equipment. This doesn’t mean that you have to set aside a huge amount of funds for golf course machinery for sale. You can save money by buying used golf course equipment

Depending on your budget and requirements, some of the machines can be brand new and some can be used machines. Leasing golf course equipment is also an option. So, compare the pros and cons of all options before making an investment. Golfers don’t know much about maintenance practices. For them, it doesn’t matter if you are using brand new golf course maintenance equipment or used golf course equipment. They just want good playing conditions.

In this article, you will learn about the machines you must have in your golf course:

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The height of grass affects the game. A mower is one of the most important pieces of equipment for golf course maintenance. You want to cut the grass to precise heights in different areas. You need a dedicated mower for each section. 

Walk-Behind Mowers

Both riding mowers and walk-behind mowers are available on the market. If you are looking for an optimum machine for putting green turf then walk-behind mowers are ideal. However, you need more time and more staff if you are using walk-behind mowers. You get faster results with riding mowers. You need other types of mowers as well for turf cutting. These include tee mowers, greens collar mowers, fairway mowers, and approach mowers. Some of these mowers can be riding and others can be walk-behind. The number and types of mowers you need depend on the size of your golf course facility, budget, staff and looks and results you want to achieve. The following are two additional mower categories:

buy used golf course equipment

  • Intermediate rough mowers
  • Primary rough mowers

Topdressing and Aeration

Aeration is one of the necessary procedures in golf course maintenance. You can buy a used aerator from a website selling used golf course equipment. A good quality aerator helps in producing and maintaining long-lasting, healthy grass. You get turf with great density, texture and quality. Many superintendents choose walking aerators for surfaces like tees, approaches, collars and putting greens. You can also buy speciality aerators with vertically rotating blades, drill bits and injectors. 

Aeration is followed by top-dressing. Top dressing involves using sand to fill aeration holes. Top dressing results in a smooth and firm playing surface.

Application Equipment

You need these machines for applying pesticides, weed killers and fertilizers. These applications require towed or mounted sprayers and spreaders. 

You also need other machines like carts and utility vehicles. If you want to buy good quality equipment and also want to save money, buy used golf course equipment.

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