A Quick Comparison of the Wet and the Electric Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating is one of the best ways of heating your home. It not only looks good but also saves space. Running it is easy and its does not involve the use of ugly radiators. When it is the time to choose the Underfloor Heating system for your home, you need to decide whether to go for dry or wet system. Put in other words, you should decide whether you want electric underfloor system of heating or system of Undertile Heating which uses pipes and plumbing work? While to some people the wet system may be the best, to others, the electrical Underfloor Heating is the best choice. Each of these systems has pros and cons and so it would be wise if you review them and choose the best.


This system uses gas or heat pump power to operate.

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The pros:

  • Running these systems is efficient and they work at low temperatures.

  • They can be used together with heat pumps in order to maximize the efficiency.

The cons:

  • The initial costs of installation are generally high.

  • The savings you make when you use wet systems when compared with radiators makes it not the most cost effective option.

  • Reaching the pipes is not easy if there is a problem you want to deal with under the pipes.


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This system needs electric power to operate.

The pros:

  • The system is relatively cheaper to install.

  • Installation is easy because there is no laying of pipes underground.

  • The systems can be installed easily on the upper floors of the building.

The cons:

  • Running the wet underfloor heating, Auckland is quite expensive.

  • The placement of heavy items and furniture on the floor where this system is installed should be done very carefully otherwise it could get damaged.

From the foregoing, it can be clearly seen that each of the two major options of underfloor heating has its advantages and disadvantages as well. Another important thing you need to note with regard to these two systems is the attendant costs of installing, running and maintaining them. The cost of the heating system also depends on the type of floor installed in your home. Is it solid or suspended? However, the wet floor heating system is generally more expensive than the electric system.

For this reason, most homeowners prefer the electric underfloor heating systems to the wet heating systems. However, the running costs of the electric system are higher as compared to the wet system. This is because the electric system needs electric power to run and this may translate to higher electric power bills. The wet system uses heat or gas pump which is generally cheaper as compared to electric power costs.

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