A Simple Guide to Brow Lamination

Have you ever wondered how celebrities have gorgeous eyebrows? Well, some people are born with eyebrows that look heavenly, but others can share that privilege too. This is possible thanks to laminated brows that have become a highly popular trend today. 

You might have seen many “before and after” pics on Instagram about people opting for this process. If you want to know more about it, continue reading this post. It’s time to enhance your eyebrow game!

What is Eyebrow Lamination?   

Eyebrow lamination is the process that handles your unruly brow hair and smoothes it out properly. It adds a beautiful lift to your eyebrow hair and moves it vertically, creating a very attractive finish. 

After the process is over, you get lovely eyebrows with a watery appearance. 

The process can tackle various issues in your eyebrows, such as unruly hair follicles and thinning. A chemical solution is used to move your hair upwards and give it a specific shape. Therefore, the professional can remove any gaps or uneven hair conveniently. 

  • After your eyebrows are straightened, the professional applies a fixing solution to hold them together 
  • As a result, you get fuller looking eyebrows that look very beautiful and natural 
  • After this treatment, your eyebrows will be able to hold the shape for around five to six weeks 

You must talk to your specialist about all the details of this process to achieve the results you desire.


After the first 24 hours of the brow lamination treatment, try not to touch your eyebrows and keep them as dry as possible. 

You can then take care of your eyebrows by using a moisturiser or eyebrow gel. However, you should always consult the eyebrow specialist before selecting this product. 

To maintain the look, you have to brush your eyebrows every day with a spoolie to groom them. If you are using a gel, gently apply and add the desired definition and shape to your eyebrows.  

Advantages Of Brow Lamination 

Besides making your eyebrows have a distinctive feature, the brow lamination treatment offers you the following advantages – 

  • Removing gaps in your eyebrows caused due to over-plucking 
  • It can fix unruly eyebrow hair that might be the result of over-waxing 
  • Unevenly shaped eyebrows or hair follicles moving in different directions can be corrected

Thankfully, the entire process is non-invasive, and you probably won’t feel a thing. So, when it comes to your eyebrow beauty, the process is worth it. 

The best part? It can quickly make you look younger and prettier.  

How to Select a Provider? 

For experiencing the perfect eyebrow lamination treatment, you need to take your time and research properly to find an appropriate provider. You can search online for “brow specialists” and “brow studios” nearby. 

Make sure to check out their experience, credentials and licensing documents before opting for their treatment. While discussing the expenses, ask them for a portfolio of their previous projects. 

It will help you learn about what you might expect and if the provider will suit you. 


Summing Up

Usually, eyebrow lamination treatment expenses depend upon the results you desire to achieve and the condition of your eyebrows. However, it is still considered one of the most affordable beauty treatments. 

Just make sure to talk to the provider about the possible side effects and the number of follow-ups you will need. It will help you maintain your laminated brows for a long time. So, hop on to this trend and get stylish!

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