Abaram Network Solutions – An Overview of Passive Electronic Components

Besides active electronic components, these are passive electronic components widely used in IT infrastructure and networks. A passive electronic component can be defined as a component that consumes energy but does not produce energy. It is not capable of any power gain and does not need any electronic power to function. The electronic component absorbs energy without producing any active output and generally is not present inside an electric item.

Abaram Network Solutions – what are passive electronic components, and do they actually have any value?

Abaram Network Solutions is an esteemed and credible company in Florida that deals with electronic components, IT infrastructure, and hardware networks. The professionals here are known for their profound knowledge and expertise when it comes to consulting small to large scale businesses about information technology solutions. The experts here state there is a lot of confusion among clients when it comes to passive electronic components. There is a lack of awareness and knowledge. They take the onus to make their clients understand the basic differences between active and passive electronic components so they can make better-informed choices.  

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What are the examples of passive electronic components? 

The following are some of the key examples of passive electronic components popular in the market today- 

  • Resistor- This resists the current flow via a circuit, and the result is a drop in the voltage levels as the power is absorbed in the device. Resistors help in the dissipation of heat.
  • Capacitator- This passive electronic component is a pair of electronic conductors that are separated from an insulator called the dielectric. Here, the voltage is applied, and the field that is created stores energy between these conductors. They are generally used for a variety of reasons like for storing power, smoothing out the DC circuits, decoupling, tuning circuits, and filling in noise.
  • Transformers- These electronic components are devices that deploy electromagnetic induction for the transformation of electrical energy from one or more electric circuits at a uniform frequency with a different current or voltage value. 

Two types of passive electronic components 

There are two types of passive electronic components, and they are-

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  • Dissipative or lossy- The electronic component does not absorb the power from external circuits over time like a resistor. 
  • Lossless- This electronic component does not have output and input net power flow like capacitors, transformers, indicators, and gyrators.

Experts from Abaram Network Solutions state that when it comes to active electronic components, they control the flow of electrons through them. Some permit the voltage to control the current while there are other electronic components that permit the current to complete tasks. When it comes to investing in the right electronic components for your business, you must ensure that you take the guidance of professional experts qualified in the field. They will inspect what your business needs are and offer you customized solutions within budget for optimal performance. It is prudent to consult them for getting a competitive edge in the market over your peers! 

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