Affordable Upgrades to Give Your Car a Luxury Feel

For a lot of people, buying a pre-owned vehicle makes practical sense. A brand-new vehicle today is certainly an investment that you can only make if you have the financial means. 

It isn’t difficult to find a dealership or showroom that sells certified pre-owned cars, but working with a reputable shop is recommended to get the best deals. If you live in Dubai, for instance, buying from one of several respectable used car showrooms in the UAE provides you with peace of mind, knowing that the vehicle you purchased is in excellent condition. You wouldn’t want your newly purchased automobile breaking down the moment you drive it off the dealership.

Practicality is one of the primary reasons why a person would opt for a used vehicle. However, there may be times when you can’t help but feel a twinge of envy whenever you see a brand new luxury vehicle or sports car rolling by. It may have the features that you wish your 5-year-old pre-owned vehicle has as well.

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The good news is that you certainly don’t need to feel bad about driving a certified pre-owned or CPO unit. With more companies producing affordable car accessories, you can find great upgrades that won’t break the bank. 

A few well-placed replacements can make your used car seem more luxurious than when you first bought it. Consider these recommendations for worthwhile upgrades to make if you are looking to breathe life into your pre-owned car.

Out of all of the accessories and innovative upgrades you could get, a rearview camera is undoubtedly one of the more critical ones. A simple camera pointed towards the back of your vehicle can mean the difference between life or death. 

Reversing or rearview cameras allow the driver to see what is behind their vehicle. This is especially useful when parking in reverse or if you are driving in an area where there are plenty of kids or small animals. 

The rear bumper is a blind spot for even the most experienced of drivers. Even when using the rearview mirror, it can be difficult to see if there is anything small moving behind you. It can also be challenging to park in reverse when you can’t clearly see how far the other vehicle is from yours. 

By merely adding a reversing camera, you could reduce the chances of accidentally backing into any objects. Plus, you can use the footage as evidence if another car bumps into yours, or to see what goes on while you are away from it. In some regions, having it installed could also potentially reduce your insurance premiums – it’s an inexpensive upgrade you should try out. 

  • Tire sensors

Most responsible owners check the tire pressure on a regular basis. With properly inflated tires, you get the best control over your vehicle, better fuel efficiency, and tire mileage. It is a vital routine, especially before any long road trip or when driving in hot weather. 

Tire sensors are small devices attached to the tire’s air valve. The combination of a receiver plugged into your vehicle’s USB port and a downloadable app on your mobile phone can help you monitor the pressure on each tire. This way, you know and can plan for when you need to have your tires inflated, checked for leaks, or replaced.

  • Jumper battery

When traveling through a remote or isolated area, one of the major concerns for drivers is the battery dying during the trip. If you purchased a CPO in the Middle East, some dealerships would provide roadside assistance as part of their used car exchange offer in the UAE. This is a convenient feature if you drive a used vehicle, but what if you don’t have such an agreement with your seller? What do you do?

It is common to find drivers packing jumper cables. However, this accessory requires a working battery to jumpstart your battery. If you are driving on a deserted road, you have to wait for a kind Samaritan to stop and give your car a charge.

Instead of leaving it to fate, you can buy a portable jumpstart battery. When you get this accessory, you can jumpstart your car and get it to move just enough until you can reach the next city. 

In some cases, you may even use it to charge your phone to call for help. It is a useful and convenient upgrade every driver should get.

  • Heated or massaging seats

One of the main differences between a regular car and a premium vehicle is the presence of luxury seats. Many Jaguars, Cadillacs, Mercedes-Benzes and Audis feature heated or massaging seats. Long-distance drivers may welcome the thought of having and using such a seat.

Although traditionally limited to more luxurious car brands and models, it is now possible for you to fit your car with a heated massage seat. You can find online shops that sell massaging heated seat covers for less than $50. 

With affordable gadgets and upgrades such as these, you can easily make your certified pre-owned vehicle more luxurious. Consider installing these upgrades and see how they positively affect your driving experience.


Mahesh Rohra is the Managing Director of certified Pre-Owned Multi Brand Car Sales & Service, AWR Strategic Ventures, Part of the AW Rostamani Automotive Group, a trailblazer in the automotive fraternity with a legacy of over 50 years. AUTOTRUST is the strategic arm business vertical through which the group had diversified into certified Multibrand Car Sales and Aftersales Service Center Network, offering a one stop shop solution for all automotive requirements. AUTOTRUST offers solutions to buy & sell cars, Agency standard Car Service and Maintenance, car rentals and much more.

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