Airbnb Clone Script, a new way to boost up your Travel Business

Do you have a vacation rental space or a small hotel business? Then you need to install an Airbnb clone script. A team of IT developers and business analysts came up with this software to ease the process of booking, cancellation, and payments. It is currently used by thousands of hosts on Airbnb and has good feedbacks from installing this software. Investment in such a script is worth every penny and therefore highly recommended for all those who want to get good business from rentals or hotels.

Getting Commissions

Airbnb has become very popular these days and almost everyone knows it. You being a listed business owner on Airbnb are entitled to commissions, if a hotel booking is done through a website. Once you upload an affiliate link in websites with good SEO ranking, anyone can click the link and make a booking in your rental property. You earn a commission with each link. On top of this, the Admin panel lets you decide on the percentage of commission that you want! An airbnb script is literally the best thing for young entrepreneurs and startups!

Host Convenience

You simply cannot get enough of this! Many hosts swear by it because it has made their life so easier. First and foremost it keeps a booking calendar with all the daily, weekly and monthly bookings. All the information of the guests is shown in detail and you can also add in some special info when required. There are options where you can add maps and photos of your property. The admin panel shows you payment plans and track and manage payments. It is PayPal supportive and also with few other payment platforms.

User or Guest Convenience

Not all advantages are for the host. The user experiences a number of easy and cool features like:• Instant booking feature.

• Multiple payment option.
• Provides hi-tech payment security with SSL encryption protocol.
• 2-way chat option between the host and the client.
• Easy currency converter option.
• Options for social media sharing and writing reviews and comments.

Other Advantages of an Airbnb Clone Script

Running a rental business has its ups and downs. In such cases, good software to manage your system is needed and proves a blessing in the long run. Just look at some of advantages the Airbnb script offers:

• Cost effective.
• Time saving and hassle free.
• Also applicable to apps with Android and IOS support.
• Built with the latest UX design software to provide user friendly experience.
• Tracks bookings and payments and regularly updates it on the latest features.
• Client dashboard manages all the customer’s contact details.
• A powerful dashboard for the host showing all the details of property, bookings and availability.
• Works for car, bike and boat rentals as well.
• Provides SEO listing features.
• A clone script is email gateway integrated. Some also provide an SMS option.

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