All About Immigration Medical Exam in USA | Purpose & Procedure

When seeking legal status in the United States, a prospective immigrant must first pass a medical screening (green card holder). An appointment, often known as a “green card medical exam,” is a standard procedure element designed to eliminate potential threats to public safety and remove barriers to entry for would-be immigrants.

A person is ineligible for entry into the United States if infected with a disease considered a threat to public health. That might mean the application will be denied a green card. Exams are the means via which such disqualifying factors may be eliminated.

For this reason, it is crucial that you have a firm grasp of what an immigration medical exam entails and how you should behave throughout it.

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The Purpose Behind an Immigration Medical Exam

The purpose of the medical bases of inadmissibility, the medical examination of foreign nationals, and the administration of vaccinations to foreign residents is to safeguard the healthiness of the American people. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) examines the results of an immigration medical examination, the accompanying medical examination information, and the immunization record to assess whether or not an international applicant is physically and mentally fit to enter the United States. 

A person may be denied entry based on their health if they meet any one of the following four criteria:


  • A significant communicable illness for the public
  • Failing to provide documentation of mandatory immunizations for an immigrant
  • Ailment of body or mind accompanied by destructive actions
  • Substance abuse and dependence

The immigration health check is not a comprehensive physical. It’s meant to detect health problems that might affect a person’s eligibility to enter the United States legally. Only those ailments required by the U.S. Public Health Service for immigration reasons will be considered in the doctor’s evaluation, so you don’t have to worry about the government making you get checked out for anything else. Just because your doctor finds additional health problems doesn’t mean the government will pay for them or mandate that your doctor treat you for them. This test is not meant to replace a comprehensive checkup with your regular doctor or to serve as a basis for a diagnosis or course of treatment.

How To Select A Doctor For The Exam

Selecting a doctor becomes crucial when you look for an immigration medical exam near me. This needs to be noted that any physician does not perform the immigration medical examination. Only a doctor to whom the government has granted permission may conduct the examination. The U.S. Embassy or Consulate will refer to approved doctors as “panel physicians” when they are located outside the United States. Within the United States, applicants will see a “civil surgeon.” In any case, you may be certain that they are qualified to provide your medical evaluation.


When you go through consular processing at a U.S. embassy or consulate (where you apply for an immigrant visa), you will be given a list of doctors approved by the Department of State to serve on a panel. You’ll likely be able to choose which doctor treats you. However, you should verify the process with your local consulate. A notice of your scheduled visit with the panel physician may be required. You need to be checked out by a civil surgeon in the US if you’re applying for an adjustment of status. There is also a list of civil surgeons that may be used as a reference.

Closing Words

After reading the article thoroughly, you must be aware of the immigration medical exam held in the USA for PR. Proper knowledge of the exam and the doctor’s eligibility is necessary for clearing the test. 


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