All Developer’s Log places on Synthetic Island in Tower of Fantasy

The Synthetic Island in Tower of Fantasy is wide, and there are a ton of new things to do to do and discover. A person these kinds of exercise that is fun and fulfilling is finding the 10 Developer’s Logs scattered throughout the island. Some of the locations are tough to arrive at, and even if you get to the spot, obtaining the developer log would be demanding. Here are all Developer’s Log areas on Artificial Island in Tower of Fantasy.

All 10 Developer’s Log areas in Tower of Fantasy

There are ten places for these Developer’s Logs, and finding every of them benefits you with 10 exploration factors.

Developer’s Log 1

The Developer’s Log is at a Ravegers’ base in the Mine Foundation, west of Mount Sandy. To come across the log, go from the base’s most important entrance, and you will obtain it on the ground near an old run-down truck.

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Developer’s Log 2

This Developer’s Log is on a floating island north of Mine Base. Nonetheless, acquiring on major of that floating island is hard, and you first need to have to head to the simple place southeast of it.

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There glimpse for a breakable rock, and at the time you find it, split it, and it will open a portal that will teleport you straight to the floating island.

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Listed here, you will have to have to struggle and defeat four impressive enemies, and right after that, seem at the modest platforms bordering the floating island in the center of a single of these, you will see the Developer’s Log.

Developer’s Log 3

You can very easily obtain the 3rd Developer’s Log at the Rusty Iron Camp north of Spacerift: Rusty Iron Camp. At the Ravegers’ base, climb up the damaged aircraft that is on the back, and you will conveniently place the Developer’s Log there.

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Developer’s Log 4

The fourth Developer’s Log is a bit southeast of the Spacerift: Foundation Zero it’s also where by you very first appear to the Artificial Island. On leading of a compact cliff, you will effortlessly place the Developer’s Log.

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Developer’s Log 5

This Developer’s Log is on the northwest side of Spacerift: Foundation Zero. You will find it underneath a tree on the plains.

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Developer’s Log 6

You will locate this Developer’s Log on a little system west of Spacerift: Foundation Zero. The log is on a poll with Space 5 and Location 4 written on it.

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Developer’s Log 7

The seventh Developer’s Log is straight east of Puddled Lake. It’s complicated to obtain the actual location, so just search for the rock in front of a large pipeline.

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Developer’s Log 8

This Developer’s Log is in the Island Stronghold, southwest of Eyrie. At the foundation, climb the stars on the right, and get the log from underneath a picket box by breaking it.

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Developer’s Log 9

The spot of this log is in a base west of the Basic Pier location. At the base, climb up, and in the vicinity of the edges on the left, you will see a group of three picket containers, split them and get the Developer’s Log from underneath.

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Developer’s Log 10

The previous Developer’s Log is southwest of the ninth a single. You will very easily spot it on the street in front of a portal.

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