All Hades 2 gods defined – Kronos, Melinoe, Apollo, and much more

Like the very first match, the Hades 2 gods will be in depth (and let’s be sincere, incredibly hot) in range and, when the Hades 2 launch date for Early Accessibility is a techniques off, we already know about a handful of the deities and themes the Supergiant Game titles sequel will deal with. From Melinoë to Kronos, Apollo, Hecate, and the titular Hades, you are going to be assembly many Greek mythological figures as you carve your way by the underworld in the roguelike video game. So on that be aware, here’s every god we know about in Hades 2, and how they in shape into Greek fantasy.

The under is not a full list of all the Hades 2 gods, as Supergiant Game titles will a lot more than possible expose additional about time ahead of the Early Obtain release. It’s also worthy of noting that none of what we write underneath is established in stone for Hades 2.

Greek fantasy, together with the stories and characters, has always been exceptionally fluid following being handed down orally for 1000’s of yrs, and Supergiant Games built it their mission in the to start with match to just take the myths and grow the characters in modern day and believable techniques, so expect some twists on what we know.

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Melinoë is Zagreus’ brother and Hades’ daughter in Hades 2, and the game’s protagonist, and whilst her historical past in the historical earth is a minor murky, one orphic Hymn from all around 2,000 yrs back does notify us a little bit about her. With limbs black on one side and white on the other, she was in demand of appeasements presented to ghosts of the useless.

The goddess’ twin black and white limbs are seemingly meant to depict her split amongst the underworld and the heavenly environment previously mentioned. All we actually know about Melinoë then is that she’s described as the daughter of Persephone and Hades (from time to time known as a variation of Zeus), and she was intensely concerned with the ghosts of the dead. It is also thought by some that Melinoë was the orphic title for Hecate, which does make the next Hades 2 god seem a little bit complicated – relatively in the same way to the links amongst Zagreus and Dionysus in Greek myth, in fact.


If we acquire Hecate as a different entity from Melinoe, as Supergiant has in Hades 2 as the woman clad in all-black robes, she’s the goddess of magic, spells, the moon, and the night time. In Hades 2 it appears to be like Hecate will guide Melinoë in her quest from Kronos (who we’ll get to), teaching her in the methods of witchcraft and overcome.

Shrines to Hecate would be positioned at entrances to houses to ward off witchcraft and evil, in accordance to lots of present-day performs from the likes of Euripides and Aristophanes. We might also see connections to other gods from the initially Hades, as Hecate served Demeter research for her daughter Persephone in fantasy just after she was abducted by Hades.

The Homeric Hymn to Demeter also states that Hecate then acted as Persephone’s companion when she traveled to the underworld to spend a 3rd of each and every yeast with Hades (Greek myth is a tad baffling, do not fear about it), with Hecate’s steerage generally represented by the iconography of a torch, and she has a dazzling eco-friendly 1 in the trailer. I’d anticipate this link between Persephone and Hecate to be explored in Hades 2, as Hecate appears to have a close connection with Melinoë in the trailer.


Kronos seems to be the villain of the Hades 2 gods, imprisoned in chains at the finish of the trailer (most likely) and performing as the driving pressure of the narrative, referred to as “time itself.”

The god of time and King of Titans, Kronos devoured his own children, except Zeus, in anxiety of a prophecy indicating he would be overthrown by his possess son. Zeus then afterwards saved his siblings and imprisoned Kronos, releasing him even afterwards and creating him ruler of the Elysian Islands (which is an inspiration for the third flooring of the first Hades, actually), where by heroes had been sent by the gods just after demise.

A father then to the two Zeus and Hades, the god of time is likely just a minor pissed that he was imprisoned. Whilst the situation might be diverse for the Hades 2 gods, I’d hazard a guess that Hades’ personal imprisonment is a kind of revenge, with Kronos’ romance with time most likely enjoying into the recurring roguelike aspect of Hades 2 operates – time journey, most likely?


We also see the Greek god Moros in the trailer, described as “Doom Incarnate.” The god of Doom itself (who knew), Moros would direct fated mortals to their demise. Moros is also the son of Nyx, Zagreus’ kind-of adopted mom in the original Hades, so it is not also stunning that Moros appears to be like to enable Melinoë, as they’ll very likely have a preexisting partnership. Ares helped you inflict the Doom outcome in the 1st game, but it is unclear if Moros will be tied to that as of however.

Moros is inevitable in greek mythology: he just cannot die and mortals attempt to outdo him and their fate in plenty of tales, but he’s very likely a facet Hades 2 god, so it’s unclear how he’ll match into the tale.


Apollo also helps make a quick look, explained as the “God of Light”. He’s the god of a lot of things (as quite a few gods were), with Hades 2 seemingly heading with the sunlight and light-weight interpretation.

A god that is appeared several occasions in historical greek lifestyle, usually depicted with a lyre, quiver and bow, and a raven. It seems to be like Supergiant is combining the bow and lyre for their interpretation, as Apollo is obviously keeping a bow that has a number of strings on it, mimicking the glimpse of a lyre relatively. His electricity as a Hades 2 god will seemingly be connected to mild, though it is unclear specifically how.


Nemesis, who I’m confident is by now giving Woman Dimitrescu lover artists a operate for their dollars, is described as “Retribution Incarnate” in Hades 2. The goddess of revenge and retribution, Nemesis is in essence fantastic aged-fashioned comeuppance.

Whilst occasionally contested, it is extensively considered she is also a kid of Nyx, likely even further tying Nemesis together with the initially Hades properly. Just one of the most famous myths Nemesis is included with is that of Narcissus, a handsome hunter that was awful to any of his admirers, so Nemesis lured him to a pool where by he fell in love with his own reflection, finally dying as he couldn’t bear to search absent (mood).

With many ties to Nyx from gods and goddesses in Hades 2, it is most likely like the old consort of gods from the 1st video game will perform some sort of position in the sequel, even if they do not look directly.

These are all the Hades 2 gods we know so considerably, but far more will probable look as Supergiant Game titles shares more footage and details of the really-expected roguelike match.

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