All playable figures in Road Fighter 6

Road Fighter 6 is Capcom’s bold new acquire on the classic fighting recreation franchise, evolving the collection in a new way not witnessed in advance of. The match will have a new explorable hub exactly where gamers get regulate of a customizable Avatar and wander a cityscape. Avenue Fighter 6 launches with 18 playable characters, it functions a combination of traditional returning figures, new people, and your customizable Avatar.

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All playable characters in Avenue Fighter 6

The main rosters consist of well known Avenue Fighter figures like Ryu, Chun Li, Ken, and Juri, as well as model-new characters like Jaime and Kimberly. Your Avatar can study moves from the figures in the game’s hub entire world, like Ryu’s Hadoken. You can also confront other Avatars out and about in the game’s overworld.

Under is the record of figures showing up in Road Fighters 6, in purchase in which they were being introduced:


Impression via Capcom

The encounter of the Road Fighter franchise, Ryu is typically looked at as the most archetypical fighting game character in historical past. A Japanese Martial Artist, Ryu’s goal is to continue locating the upcoming potent opponent to check his skills towards.


Impression via Capcom

Luke was the final DLC character for Street Fighter V. His look in V was meant to be taken as a trace to what is to arrive to the franchise in Avenue Fighter 6. Luke is an arrogant American MMA fighter and it is implied he will be playing a major part in Street Fighter 6’s story.


Graphic through Capcom

Chun-Li is just one of the most popular female characters in gaming and is normally viewed as the co-protagonist of the Road Fighter collection alongside Ryu. She is a Chinese Interpol officer looking for revenge in opposition to M. Bison and the Shadaloo business for the demise of her father.


Picture via Capcom

Jamie is a brand new character launched in Street Fighter 6. Jamie seems to be good friends with Luke and usually takes aspect in the very same underground combating system as the other figures. Jamie is an skilled dancer and locations points like justice and friendship earlier mentioned all the things else.


Image by using Capcom

Guile is one more iconic Avenue Fighter character who joins the underground for Street Fighter 6. He is a significant from the US Air Pressure and is regarded for his flat-major hairdo. His topic tune also notoriously goes with every little thing.


Image by means of Capcom

Kimberly is a brand new character and is the 39th successor to Bushinryu. Kimberly loves 80s pop lifestyle and enjoys to incorporate her spray can into her shift set. She designs to be a ninja just like Guy.


Image by using Capcom

Juri is a recurring antagonist in the sequence. She is a thrill seeker who is seeking to acquire revenge from M. Bison. She is sadistic and cruel, with a glowing still left eye that improves her toughness.


Graphic via Capcom

Ryu’s most effective bud and overall family members guy, Ken returns to Road Fighter 6 as a male on the operate. Pressured to abandon his household following remaining accused of a crime he didn’t commit, Ken now wanders the streets with a additional messy glance.


Image by using Capcom

Blanka is a feral gentleman from the jungles of Brazil with eco-friendly skin and the ability to carry out energy. In Avenue Fighter 6, Blanka has come to be a tour information for the jungles to check out to turn into wealthy and well known.


Picture by means of Capcom

Dhalsim is a monk that hails from India with the powers to extend his entire body like Mr. Wonderful from the Excellent 4. He normally serves as a guide and mentor to the other characters in the Street Fighter universe and hates evil with all his coronary heart.

E. Honda

Impression by way of Capcom

E. Honda is a sumo wrestler who’s also an remarkable chef known for his chanko stew. Honda loves touring the world to show off his sumo expertise.


Screenshot through Capcom

Zangief is a muscle mass male hailing from mother Russia. Zangief can have a quick fuse at instances, but in his coronary heart of hearts, he’s a good particular person. He is just one of Road Fighters’ most iconic figures and is nicely known for his signature Spinning Piledriver shift.

Dee Jay

Screenshot through Capcom

Dee Jay is a entire world-popular kickboxer from Jamaica who also so occurs to be a incredibly well-liked musician and recording artist. He’s been offered an up to date new glimpse for Avenue Fighter 6, with a new hairstyle, garments, and trendy auto.


Screenshot by means of Capcom

Cammy is a person of the primary feminine figures in the franchise. She was a clone established by the evil Shadaloo group to be a vessel for M. Bison (AKA Dictator) if something occurs to him. She escaped and is now an MI6 operative for the British government.


Screenshot through Capcom

Marisa is a new character for Avenue Fighter 6. Not much is regarded about them other than they are a significant and muscular human being.


Screenshot by means of Capcom

JP is a new character for Street Fighter 6. They are a large, outdated gentleman with extensive white hair, with a beard and a mustache. JP seems to be related to the character G from Road Fighter V.


Screenshot by way of Capcom

Manon is a new character for Road Fighter 6. Manon has the appearance of a stylish girl with light-weight pink hair and a medallion on their upper body.


Lily is a new character for Road Fighter 6. They appeared to be a young, dim-skinned woman putting on a headband.

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