Armed Burglar Leaves $200 For Breaking Window

A very unusual incident that happened in New Mexico, USA, is making headlines all over the world after an armed burglar left around $200 for the homeowners before fleeing their place because they broke a window. 

On January 30, 2022, the owners of the house returned to their house to find a man who had broken in through a window.

The armed burglar, who was later identified as Teral Christesson, bathed, slept, drank beer, and ate at the house before he was caught. 

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According to a report by the Santa Fe New Mexican, he was armed with an AR-15 but did not threaten or steal any belongings from the owners of the house. 

The thing is, the man did not cause any violence and instead, the man apologized to the owners of the house for breaking in.

According to a statement that was released, said that he needed a warm place for the night and even left $200 for the window that he had broken. 

The owner of the house said that the estimated damage was around $200.

The report also said that the burglar left the house with his rifle and a duffle bag. 

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Before leaving the house, he had shared his story with the family. 

According to the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office police report cited by the Albuquerque Journal, the man told the homeowners that his family had been killed in east Texas and he was running away from someone.

The burglar also told them that his car had broken down outside the town. 

The man was arrested by the police after a day following a report of carjacking by a man whose description resembled that of the burglar.

The man reportedly went to a woman at a restaurant’s drive-thru and asked her to get out of the car and wanted to take the car from him. 

The woman started honking at the man and he ran away.

The police later found him walking by a road in the town and took him into custody, where he confessed that he had broken into the house on Sunday to save himself from a blizzard.

He said that he left money for the house owner because he felt bad.

He did not explain the carjacking incident to the authorities. 

The man is currently booked into the Santa Fe County Jail and is facing charges such as aggravated burglary, larceny, aggravated assault and criminal damage to property.

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