Andor’s Anto Kreegyr is a reminder that we’re nevertheless only seeing a tiny part of the riot

Andor has always been about the hidden expenditures of the Riot. Regardless of whether it is the funding secured by Mon Mothma, the sacrifices of frequent citizens and their on-the-ground resistance, or the mental and ethical toll that decades of preparing has taken on Luthen, Andor would like us to know that every single victory for the rebels has a price tag, even if we can not see it.

But for as considerably as Andor’s figures have sacrificed to resist the Empire previously, the show’s 11th episode is also a reminder that there are considerably bigger sacrifices being paid by figures we’ll under no circumstances see all all-around the galaxy. In no position is this much more clear than the conversation amongst Luthen and guerilla-rebel Observed Gerrera speaking about the fate of an unseen character named Anto Kreegyr.

[Ed. note: This story contains spoilers for episode 11 of Andor.]

Kreegyr’s is a identify we’ve heard a couple of moments on Andor, uttered by Imperial and Rebel forces alike.

In Andor’s eighth episode, Luthen attempts to convince Saw to meet with Anto as a fellow rebel leader, but Saw refuses, on the grounds that they belonged to diverse factions for the duration of the Clone Wars — a reminder that even for the determined Revolt, old grudges are not quick to see earlier.

But Anto is a critical determine for the Empire at the second also. In episode 11 they are keeping Bix, Cassian’s buddy on Ferrix, prisoner, and torturing her for details on Cassian’s whereabouts. But they focus on Kreegyr, who they (incorrectly) suspect Bix released to Cassian. Due to the fact the Empire refuses to see the vastness of the Star Wars Revolt, its dimensions and confusion turns into a instrument that can be utilized to the Rebels’ gain. And which is a actuality that Luthen is nicely knowledgeable of.

When Luthen returns to Observed in episode 11, he provides some new and really various data about Anto: Luthen’s going to permit him die. The plans for Anto’s newest operation have fallen into Imperial hands. Instead than burn off his guy on the within of the Empire’s functions, Luthen has made the decision the sacrifice of Anto and his 30 gentlemen is a price well worth paying out.

Even an skilled rebel like Noticed is taken by surprise at the coldness of Luthen’s actions, but no just one must be. Luthen has normally been upfront about himself when he’s between fellow rebels: He’s resigned himself to undertaking whatsoever it usually takes to prevent the Empire, no matter the expense.

But whilst the coldness of Luthen shouldn’t come as a shock to viewers, particularly after Stellan Skarsgård’s outstanding monologue at the close of episode 10, the Anto second continue to stands out as a reminder of how a great deal of the war we aren’t looking at.

While Luthen is clearly anxious with operations like the Aldhani career and securing funding for the induce by means of Mon Mothma, he’s also a puppet learn with dozens of strategies in the functions throughout the galaxy at any time. His relaxed mention of Anto as a tiny rate to pay out allows us know just how significant the scope of his riot is. And Luthen is much from the only rebel leader in the galaxy, even if there’s going to be one fewer following Anto’s last occupation.

This tiny scene about the cold-but-important culling of a handful of dozen gentlemen for nothing is just as vital to clearly show as any of Cassian’s precise missions. For all the target on the heroism of typical people that Andor has introduced to the Star Wars universe, and its emphasis on the tiny times, particular person lives, and tragic sacrifices that create the myths of figures like Luke Skywalker, it is similarly crucial for it not to allow us overlook that Cassian isn’t that distinctive. He’s a single of countless numbers of rebels throughout the Star Wars galaxy with tales well worth telling.

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