Application Military Assemble: ScourgeBringer – “Does the common roguelike platformer perform well on cellular?”

ScourgeBringer is a popular roguelike platformer that very first released in 2020. Now, it has designed its way to iOS and Android, supplying a lot more players access to this gem. Nevertheless, porting to mobile can be challenging considering the fact that developers should revamp the activity to match touchscreen perform, which just isn’t quick. So, we handed ScourgeBringer over to our cell authorities, the App Army, to get their feeling on how the sport plays.

Here’s what they reported:

Michael Purdy

I really like the art type of this one particular. Has a awesome pixel model that still looks lively and vibrant. It is a platformer/ Metroidvania with quite fluid controls for a cell match. Fight is really quick, from what I have performed so far. Regrettably, I experienced a really occupied weekend so I was not able to engage in for additional than an hour, but I am enjoying it so far and intend to participate in far more.

Dries Pretorius

Legacy. Aesthetically it evokes HyperLight Drifter. You have a hub the place you up grade applying sources you collected on your operates, then you hit the earth and thrust. The game is lauded on Steam, and all that splendour interprets nicely to cell, the controls are intuitive on the touchscreen, incorporating swipes from your floating joystick into vicious dashes, and make contact with with the enemy suggests violence to them, relatively than the other way spherical (a la Rogue Legacy).

My time with ScourgeBringer has been very entertaining, it looks stunning, it seems terrific, the action is visceral as you whack bullets back into attackers just before pulverising them underneath a flurry of environment-shaking blows, it is therapeutic, and it is effective as efficiently on my iPad Air 1 as it does on my Apple iphone 11 with a modest file dimension less than 200MB. This a person is a GotY prospect for me, and it will maintain lasting home on all my devices.

Andrés Youlton

As a enthusiast of rogue-lites/roguelikes, ScourgeBringer promptly caught my eye. In this activity, you engage in as Kyhra, cleansing rooms of enemies and discovering the tower, seeking for humanity’s redemption. Even though ScourgeBringer shares the identical major elements as numerous rogue-lites – crystal clear rooms, loot, fight the boss, go to the future amount – I like the dynamic and quick-paced gameplay that the sprint and double soar give you.

The beat alone is fine, with car melee attacks when enemies are around, which prices your pistol, and you also get a smash attack which allows you stun enemies. My main trouble with the combat in the video game is that the controls are pretty near, so I are inclined to press an assault that I don’t want.

The retro graphics are fairly good, and though the ambiance is fairly dim, with a ton of blue and purple, nothing receives lost in the background, which is pleasant. Personally, when this kind of sport is nothing new, it hits all my spots: pixel artwork, rogue-lite, and quick-paced fight, so I know this will be remaining on my telephone for pretty some time.

Matt ARen

Humanity has been driven to the level of extinction by a pillar in the sky named the ScourgeBringer. You ought to now confront the trial and save the entire world.

Although not as thorough as some other rogue-lite counterparts, SB is however fulfilling to look at. A cyberpunk meets ancient tribe aesthetic sets the tone structure, with a blue, inexperienced, and purple color scheme. Reds, in particular blood, stand out and looks to be part of a more substantial tale aspect. The game is properly animated, no lagging noted. Seriously synth temper parts promising a extensive apocalypse are abruptly pierced by an extreme overcome theme. It operates nicely with the setting. Sound consequences are a little bit much less effective, but nothing at all too irritating.


The gameplay is standard system combat, with double jumps and sprint assaults. You ought to cost your gun in shut overcome, so generally melee-primarily based. You vehicle-attack with a sword when near adequate, and have an choice smash assault to stun enemies. The automobile assault is a awesome touch. Unfortunately, these controls are close jointly, and faults often come about. I have squandered my clip on various misfires.

The total time I played SB for this overview I was evaluating it to Fury Unleashed, which I reviewed in April. Comparatively, FU is superior in all elements. On the other hand, that does not signify SB was terrible. I give SB a conditional Do Purchase if you’re into this form of motion platformer. If you only have to have one particular of those people in your life, I’d still stick with FU.

Mark Abukoff

Fantastic-seeking retro-graphics platformer/Metroidvania/rogue-like recreation that on one particular hand has a large amount in frequent with other people of the genre. At the exact time, there are plenty of locations to investigate. You have weapons and gear and well being upgrades. As you apparent a area of undesirable guys in some cases you will uncover a 2nd wave of larger, much better undesirable men.

I appreciated this, figuring out that it was throwing additional of a challenge at you (though the to start with degree wasn’t way too tough for me- just sufficient to really feel a bit of satisfaction at beating it). Other times and later on, defeating the terrible fellas opens doorways to other rooms and much more attention-grabbing worries. And as you progress, it gets a bit more difficult.

I appreciated the total visual concept. Type of dark and dungeon-y to me, which is normally great for some thing like this. Tunes and seems were alright but just as a make any difference of personal impression, did not incorporate anything at all to my practical experience so I turned the seem off. My key issue to begin with lies in the onscreen controls, which I uncovered to be uncomfortable and I had trouble coordinating actions and jumps and attacks.

May well just be me. Your effects may fluctuate. But at the time I plugged my Apple iphone into the Backbone controller, I had a really flawless manage working experience. Leaping and shooting or swinging my sword. Bouncing/climbing along walls. Even hovering from time to time extensive plenty of to get off the ideal assault or access a greater degree. For me in any case, the controller assist helps make this sport silky sleek from a mechanical standpoint.

All in all, this is not a distinctive, a single-of-a-variety recreation. It is been completed in advance of. But in this situation, it was carried out incredibly properly and is a enjoyment to perform and progress in. Especially if you use a controller, this sport is a winner in the style.

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