Are You Ready For Home Maintenance This Season?

Whether you’re just building a new home or cherishing an existing one for years, home maintenance is one of the non-negligible aspects. Most people find this a tedious process, but if they have guidance on what to do, it’s not. Depending on the season, the situation and the surroundings, the house needs to be carefully kept as fresh as the first day. Every season, you need to make sure that certain things are crossed off on the checklist. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Make Sure the Electric Wiring Is up to Date

Not only is this important to make your home look right, but it can also cause serious damage to people and property if you do not take the necessary precautions. Make sure the line to the utility pole is in good condition. Cable breaks, connection disruptions, electric sparks, etc. need to be identified and corrected immediately. This does no harm to anyone and eliminates the need to withstand unexpected power outages and surges.

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Make Sure Fire Extinguishers Are Available at Major Corners of the House

Nothing is more devastating than the fire and fire extinguisher that swallowed your home. Since the fire extinguisher is an important part of your home, you need to make sure that it is properly pressurized and ready for emergency use every month. It should also be taken into account that smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are also working properly. Replace the batteries if necessary. This is very important, especially if you have children at home.

Make Sure Water Does Not Gather in the Lawn

Most of us like to have a lawn in our house, but we often forget the maintenance it needs at different times of the year. The lawn is one of the most important features of your home. It’s important because it’s the first impression of your home for all visitors. 

In winter, make sure water does not accumulate and damage your plants. In the spring, branches and plants need to be cut cleanly so that they do not get entangled in the power lines. Your garden and lawn may need a good drainage system to prepare for the monsoon.

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The Snow Can Clog Your Hoses and Pipes

This is a particularly important task if you live in a place that is cold for most of the year. Snow can cause ice to build up in gutters and the roof below. Snow can also cause the bibs of the hose to become clogged by freezing ice. These are essential to maintain in the winter and can eventually damage your home, so treatment is needed if an obstruction occurs.

Flooding Can Be Dangerous

Floods can be a significant risk, especially if you live in a place like the United States. It is important to protect your home from the effects of floods. In winter, lower the floor next to your house to prevent water from flowing into your house during heavy rains. 

Also, when the water heater pumps water, you need to pay attention to the temperature valve of the water heater. If so, it is best to plug it into the drain hose as soon as possible to avoid flooding and damage to the house. During the summer, the water heater should be flushed to prevent debris from accumulating inside.

The Wooden Frames Need to Be Checked

Especially during the monsoon, the wooden frame needs to be groomed. It should be protected with a wood sealer to prevent it from rotting in hot and humid conditions. If you live near the sea, this is a must-see every few months, regardless of the season. You also need to know which part of the house needs to be repainted. Window frames and outdoor patios may require special attention every few years.

Do Not Forget the Basement

The basement is an important part of the house that we often ignore. It’s usually an area where we find it awkward to keep up with maintenance. Winter is the best time to clean and manage the basement. You are indoors and do not have to go out in the freezing cold. 

It may also be time to clean other interior areas of the house, such as the garage. Every three months, the ring of sediment in the basement bathroom is cleaned, the toilet is flushed, and the washbasin accessories are guaranteed to be working.

Final Thoughts

The article mentions home maintenance advice that you may need to be in place for healthy and wholesome living. However, each home is different and all families have a different way of living so what works for one household is not something that will work for another. You may want to carefully go around your house to find out what you need to fix this season and make sure it gets done before the beginning of another season. 

You may also want to keep in check that all security measures are in place as it may help you in case of an unfortunate accident like a power surge or house fire. These things include checking if the fire extinguishers and smoke detectors are functional. In the case of wireless smoke detectors make sure the batteries are replaced every now and then. These things could be especially important if your children are home alone when you are at work.  

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