The difference between Art shows and Craft fairs and how to choose the right venue to exhibit your art

When we differentiate two things, it’s not always their qualities that make them less or superior to something. They can have two different personalities, two different qualities, and two different features, which distinguish them from one another, and that is their U.S.P.

ART SHOWS AND CRAFT FAIRS NEAR ME both can be fun, great for networking and attracting new customers, and incredibly lucrative for your business and for the people who visit; both can offer uniquely distinctive enjoyment and a bundle of experience you wouldn’t want to miss.

For the business:

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Reasons to go to the right kind of exhibition:

  • Wrong exhibitions might lead to a wastage of time and energy. I can demoralize an artist or a business person who deserves a bigger and better platform.
  • It takes time to start with the normal scheduling if the fellow artists are non-supportive to lift you from a bad show. 
  • Good artists deserve a good display of skill. A good exhibition can be important for artists to showcase their knowledge and skills.
  • A good display showcases the individual’s talent and displays arts and artists who have crafted for decades and work at a very high skill level. 

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  • Art shows and craft fairs both have distinctive features that make them unique from each other; it’s just about the thought of whether your artwork will fit in a particular event or not. 

Here is the difference between art shows and craft fairs:

  • Art shows have a potentially higher cost of registration and entry than craft fairs because art shows have various age-old age representation and judges. 
  • Art shows require that artists have previous gallery representations and are more likely to be juried, whereas craft bazaars have no restrictions or barriers to entry. 
  • Art shows comprise only fine art paintings/drawings, sculpture, etc, whereas Arts and crafts include paintings and sculpture and jewelry, textile crafts, foods, etc.
  • Art shows usually do not have any other vendors except the craft artists, while the Craft Fairs allows direct sales, antiques, and other types of vendors. 
  • Art Shows are usually for antique collectors, while The Craft Fairs usually attract shoppers. 
  • Art Shows usually have a theme depiction, while The Craft Fair’s theme might exist or might not.

Here are some tips for choosing the right crafts show near you this weekend:

Choose the right venue:

If the vendors around sell articles that are not of much worth or items that are not quite related to art, then your business is likely to suffer; whereas everything around you is top-notch, your products and services will immediately gain hype. 

Choose the right display:

It is necessary to attract the customers first in the booth before actually beginning to sell. You can dress up as your favorite comic character or set up a display screen. One needs to arouse curiosity among fellow mates.

Choose the right price:

Price is not about what it’s worth; it’s about what it will sell for. You are not just anybody who wants to dwindle at the break-even point. You have to see your competitors and choose the right price for your work. 

Choose stories and play-acts:

How was it made? Where is it from? Who else owns one? Or even (sometimes), who else owned that one? Choose stories to justify the curiosity. 

Straight and simple, it is your show. It is how you do it; it doesn’t matter what venues others choose, what schemes others play on, you can be a one-person show in all.

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