Artificial Intelligence and telecom

If one takes a look around, one will find oneself surrounded by AI (Artificial Intelligence). From one’s homes to offices or the cars we travel in, everything is somehow related to AI. During the past decade, AI has deeply influenced our lives, be it professional or personal. Whether it’s a mobile phone or a self-driving car, AI is everywhere. There is hardly any area that AI left untapped and AI in telecom is no exception.

To put it in simple terms AI is machine intelligence that perceives its environment and acts to achieve the desired goal. One commonly confuses AI with automation but they are at opposite poles.

Telecom- one knows, everyone uses it from sim cards in our phones to Wi-Fi, from online streaming apps to the set-top boxes for televisions. Telecom has been providing diverse services around the globe. And for its survival in the competitive world, it has relied heavily on AI.As the telecom industry expands so does the role of AI also increases. It limits human intervention helping them to focus on core activities that cannot be done using AI.

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Telecom Industries are the storehouse of data of its millions of customers thus it helps AI to perform its functions with ease. More the data easier it will be because AI works on predictive response according to the environment and with data in its hands, it will be able to make decisions that would require no or minimal human intervention.The most common example of Artificial Intelligence in telecom is the chatbots colloquially one on one conversation-based AI. With massive customer complaints, it is not profitable for the company to employ humans to cater to them AI, on the other hand, can respond to simpler queries and direct them complex problems to experts.

Another feature of ai that helps telecom is that it can do monotonous tasks with ease, efficiency and faster than humans. All this not only helps telecom companies to increase their efficiency but also reduces their costs by a huge margin. Some companies that deal with AI also design models based on a particular company’s requirements. That, in turn, helps the company to increase its productivity many-folds.AI can also help telecoms to identify and react to customer problems and also provide a solution instantly. Fraud detection can be spotted easily by AI as it as abnormal to the routine work.

It can provide various data and analyze them in seconds and give feedback.

Other Benefits of AI to telecoms are:

  • Robotic Process automation
  • Cost saving
  • Efficiency

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Not only companies AI also provide several benefits to customers too. Some of them are-

  • Quick response time
  • Faster problem solving
  • Self-service
  • Free service
  • 24*7 availability
  • Convenient as one need not travel to get his problem fixed

AI in telecom is a win-win situation for both telecom companies as well as the customer.

But a heavy dependence on it may prove fatal to both parties as AI can never replace human efforts. It also is a work of humans.

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