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On June 27, 1972, Atari, as we know it now, was born. Effectively, technically, it was born a handful of months before less than the title Syzygy Engineering, but the identify Atari begun life in 1972. I know this and quite a few additional interesting details about the business simply because of Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration, Electronic Eclipse’s like letter to the gaming big.

Atari 50 is essentially a playable documentary, walking you as a result of 50 a long time of Atari’s game titles, dwelling consoles, handhelds, and PCs break up into five distinct timelines. Just about every of the five timelines focuses on a various element of the organization, with dates sometimes jogging concurrently. Each and every a single is packed with movies, photos, style and design documents, and far more. It is really a museum show in a box and a pleasant 1 to boot.

This magical historical past tour includes an astounding 103 playable game titles, from the original 1972 arcade model of Pong to a assortment from the Jaguar and Lynx, Atari’s last household console and handheld, respectively. Each individual is a 1:1 port as if Digital Eclipse ripped the motherboards from the machines on their own and transferred the recreation into my console. Although there are a lot of old favorites like Asteroids, Breakout, and Adventure, I uncovered some of the lesser-recognised titles, like Quantum and I, Robotic, intriguing in their very own proper.


Not articles to just port above outdated titles, Digital Eclipse provided a handful of other titles elevating this assortment to the stratosphere. Two individual homebrew video games show up in the story, one for the Atari 800 Laptop and the other for the Atari 2600, which showcase just how considerably can continue to be completed with more mature consoles in the current day. Observing a game organization even accept the homebrew scene is scarce, but for Atari and Digital Eclipse to embrace the group plenty of to include things like it in this article is fantastic. 

Having said that, it’s Digital Eclipse’s personal creations that steal the 50th-anniversary display. The Reimagined series includes 7 outdated-faculty Atari video games rebuilt by the crew for the modern-day age, and seeing these more mature online games is splendidly nostalgic. Haunted Houses is my favorite reimagining, as the outlined 3D natural environment completely transforms the original working experience. Yars’ Revenge Enhanced is also incredibly very good, even even though it does not stray as far from the authentic.

I must include things like a person crucial caveat: these are Atari game titles in their unique sort, that means they are as rudimentary as basic online games get. Some online games have the lifespan of a mayfly, although other folks – the multiplayer video games in unique – have extra to present. Even the Reimagined set, even though very well-crafted, may possibly only last 15 to 20 minutes per session. This is a selection of rapid hits, and it isn’t going to get quite prolonged to get by the 100 online games involved in the library, which means your mileage may possibly differ from a replayability standpoint.

Outside the house of the game library, the like and treatment Digital Eclipse place into this challenge is unmistakable, as is evident by some of the relics it has bundled in every of the timelines. The hundreds of photos, old box artwork, and films give an unbelievable glance back at what Atari was at the height of its powers. The outdated 1980s-era Tv set commercials are notably notable observing a kid categorical excitement for E.T. is hysterical in hindsight. 

Some of these inclusions go higher than and further than. Acquire The Swordquest series, which had a few introduced game titles and a fourth that never launched. Back again in the day, every game was bundled with a small comedian e book that not only informed the tale of the recreation, but also gave clues on how to solve the puzzles in just the corresponding match. Atari 50 involves every a single of all those comics in their entirety so you can get the entire encounter and gain from these clues. 

As for that fourth unreleased Swordquest, Digital Eclipse identified the design concepts from the series’ creator Tod Frye, constructed it from scratch, and provided it as one of the seven “Reimagined” video games. To say that this collection is comprehensive is an understatement, and Electronic Eclipse’s respect for the supply components is seen and appreciated.

My favourite portion of the historical inclusions are the dozens of video interviews with not only associates of the Atari crew all over the yrs but other notable match builders throughout the business. Noteworthy Atari alumni highlighted incorporate corporation founder Nolan Bushnell, Al Alcorn who is credited as the creator of Pong, and programmer Eugene Jarvis. Other featured names incorporate Double Fine’s Tim Schafer and Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski. Every job interview adds new tales, anecdotes, and a bit of specialized knowledge to the legend of Atari, while supplying the total collection that exclusive documentary experience, with little moments of clarification peppered all over a treasure trove of electronic artifacts. 

With Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration, Digital Eclipse has set a new bar for potential historical compilations in movie video games. It truly is a digital touring museum exhibit, as the sport bursts at the seams with nostalgia thanks to more than 100 playable game titles and hundreds of relics from the developer’s vault. When a superior quantity of the video games supplied will go by swiftly, those temporary life spans can’t weigh down the amazing historical price of Atari 50, and I hope Digital Eclipse has much more wings of its electronic heritage tour opening in the coming yrs. 

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