How an Austinbased disco 40m 785m Just Raised

The austinbased disco 40m 785m music and culture has made quite a name for itself recently. Thanks to investments from a variety of well-known investors, this movement has gained a lot of traction and attention from some of the world’s major news outlets. Recently, the Austin-based disco scene just secured an impressive funding round; raising an immense $785 million. Additionally, the Austin-based dance scene was able to also secure an impressive $40 million funding round as well.

Led By Popular Disco Artist


This austinbased disco 40m 785m movement has been led by several of the most acclaimed disco artists in the world. The artists hail from a range of countries, from the USA to Germany and beyond. Of course, the most well-known of these disco stars that have spearheaded this movement is Kaskade, who has released a number of best-selling classics. Other major artists include Daft Punk, Kraftwerk, and Giorgio Moroder.

The goal of this funding round was to bring a greater level of attention to these artist’s long-anticipated albums and back-catalogs. In addition to that, the investors believe that the focus of the music and movement will be shifted towards new emerging artists. The new wave of disco producers that are being brought in to the movement are looking to take the genre to new heights.



The austinbased disco 40m 785m movement is one that is taking the world by storm. Led by some of the world’s elite disco artists, the movement has secured an impressive $785 million and $40 million funding round, with the hope to bring more attention to both established and emerging artists alike. Moreover, the investors believe that this investment will help revitalize disco music in order to bring it to the next level.


Q: Who has led the Austin-based disco movement?

A: Artists such as Kaskade, Daft Punk, Kraftwerk and Giorgio Moroder have all been major figures in this movement, spearheading it to success. 

Q: How much money has been raised in the recent funding rounds?

A: An impressive total of $785 million and $40 million has been raised in order to help bring the Austin-based disco movement to the next level. 

Q: What are the long-term goals of the austinbased disco 40m 785m movement? 

A: The long-term goal of this movement is to bring more attention to both established and emerging artists alike. Furthermore, the goal is to help revitalize the genre, taking it to new heights.

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