Australian Woman Fined After Her Ice Cream Was Mistaken For A Phone While Driving 

A woman from Melbourne, Australia, was fined after her ice cream was mistaken for a phone while driving.

Michelle Course has been fighting over a driving fine that was issued to her after the police mistook an ice cream that she was eating for a mobile phone. 

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Course said she felt that she should not be expected to pay for a crime that she did not commit.

During an interview with the a news channel, she said:

“There’s no way I could be eating my Magnum Ego, holding my phone and driving at the same time.”

Course contacted the authorities with their own dashcam footage, which showed her eating the ice cream.

Michelle also got a copy of her phone records to show that she did not make a phone call or even send a text message when she was pulled over by the authorities.

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The good thing is that the matter did not reach the court.

The fine was revoked a week from her court date.

Talking about it, she said:

“Common sense has prevailed and the fine has been dropped. I was contacted a few days before the court date and I was very grateful that the system had worked and that justice had come about. There’s no hard feelings. He was just trying to do his job and I have a lot of respect for the police force and what they do.”

Justin Lawrence, the lawyer of Michelle, encouraged motorists to fight in case they get a wrong fine.

Lawrence explained:

“It’s on people to work as hard as they can to prove their evidence. If they’re prepared to do it and hand up all the material to a magistrate, I think the law will on their side. Victoria Police have got to prove the case, Michelle has collected enough evidence to say that she didn’t do it.”

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