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    Buying Eco-friendly One-piece Bathing Suits for Women

    As the world is burning, and people are increasingly becoming conscious of their impacts on the environment, some clothing brands are stepping up to manufacture products that do not hurt the planet’s health. Swimwear made of recycled fibers allows people to stay stylish while shopping more sustainably.  Swimsuits are usually made of synthetic materials based on petroleum oil, which creates serious problems for the earth’s environment. In addition to the creation process, washing these clothing pieces can have an adverse effect because they release microfibers that lead to plastic pollution. Sustainable swimwear is the perfect solution to the problem. From one-piece bathing suits for women to others, there are many…

  • Women Dresses- In chic Day or Night Style

    Women Dresses- In chic Day or Night Styles!!

    There’s something to suit every taste in our collection of dresses, from billowy and feminine to bold, contemporary styles and designs. Embroidery and lace impart elegance ethnic wear to simple cotton dresses; patterns and prints create a vibrant energy. You’ll also different styles and patterns adding beautiful movement and boho appeal. Our women’s dresses are instant outfits – just finish your look with sandals. Shop Tjori for beautiful women’s dresses. Here, we have listed some simple, elegant and classy cotton dress which should be in your closet this summer. U Neck Dress. Try out some printed cotton knee-length dresses that are perfect for the summer. This knee length dress is…