Avatar 2 doesn’t have a 6-hour Disney In addition slash or a 5-movie promise

If you are looking at this, probabilities are very good that you are both sitting down in a theater or headed for a person. You just want to know whether you can finally operate to the rest room, seize a snack, or register your opinion on social media instantly following paying out a lot more than 180 minutes in James Cameron’s planet of Pandora, looking at huge blue alien cat-individuals go ham on greedy-ass people. Here’s your answer: No, Avatar: The Way of Drinking water does not have a post-credits scene. That last line about family members, teased in the quite very first Avatar 2 trailer, is all you are likely to get. Fly! Be totally free! Except you want to shell out the up coming seven minutes seeing the names of every single motion-capture professional, maritime biologist, and CGI designer who labored on the movie scroll by.

But it might be well mannered to look at. Some of these people have been doing the job on this motion picture since it was initially introduced in 2011, soon after all. Undoubtedly you really don’t want to skip their massive second?

Avatar: The Way of Drinking water is lacking a few a lot more matters as properly. Positive, it has space whales, coming-of-age tales, a creepy resurrection, and a ton of visible references to earlier James Cameron motion pictures. But just for a instant, let’s emphasis on a few factors it’s lacking.

Avatar 2 does not have a put up-credits scene

Cameron’s sequel finishes, in its place, a lot like The Hunger Games: Catching Hearth, with a vital character mentally coming up for air after trauma and loss, discovering their psychological footing again, and informing the audience, via voice-in excess of, that it is time to acquire the struggle to the enemy — and then wanting immediately into the camera to sign just how decided they are. This is a excellent components for what is properly extra a chapter ending than a motion picture ending — it alerts that there is more to occur, and it leaves a character making meaningful eye make contact with with the viewers, permitting them experience like even if they weren’t involved in the struggle they just viewed, they are nonetheless invited to the struggle to occur.

That’s assuming you’re Alright with unfastened finishes, but those are really substantially assured from the middle installment of a trilogy. “Wait,” you say, “a trilogy? Ha ha, no, you are misinformed, there are likely to be five Avatar motion pictures. James Cameron reported so.”

Very well, yes and no…

Avatar 2 isn’t certain to have three far more sequels

Na’vi protagonist Neytiri (Zoe Saldaña) sits in a dark space smiles at someone offscreen in a scene from Avatar: The Way of Water

Graphic: 20th Century Studios

Cameron has been stating for many years now that he has a road map for five Avatar videos in whole, and he’s laid out release dates for individuals flicks by means of 2028. Film No. 3, at the moment rumored to be titled Avatar: The Seed Bearer, is established for launch in December 2024, and was shot again-to-back again with The Way of Drinking water. Cameron suggests the initially act of film No. 4, probably titled Avatar: The Tulkun Rider, has been shot as very well. (The tulkun are the area whales that have these kinds of a popular purpose in The Way of H2o.)

But that doesn’t mean we’re confirmed five Avatar flicks. Talking to Overall Film in November, Cameron signaled that the fourth and fifth videos may possibly under no circumstances be completed if The Way of Drinking water and its sequel never make the huge piles of dollars they will need to be successful. “[W]e could be semi-carried out, which means: ‘Okay, let us complete the tale inside motion picture 3, and not go on endlessly,’ if it’s just not lucrative,” Cameron mentioned.

That does not appear possible, nevertheless. The 2022 theatrical launch of Avatar by itself brought in $75 million. Even in a notoriously hard era for blockbusters, with additional $100 million flops than report-breaking hits, audiences flocked to theaters to revisit the earth of Pandora. So it feels improbable that they’ll utterly reject The Way of H2o, even if it does slide small of Avatar’s document economic achievements. But early box-office environment monitoring suggests the sequel could open to extra than $500 million in its first weekend.

“Look, I believe that people are gonna really like the film, ideal?” Avatar producer Jon Landau not long ago explained to Polygon, when asked whether or not he believes the sequence could get to a purely natural conclusion with the 3rd movie. “I do not think we can predict planet events. I do not consider any person could have predicted the pandemic. I really don’t consider any one is aware of what is heading to be happening tomorrow.”

That mentioned, the producer thinks Avatar 3 will provide the story to a enjoyable close, if it will come to that: “I imagine that none of these movies develop a cliffhanger on your emotional summary,” he explained.

Avatar 2 doesn’t have a lengthier Disney Furthermore streaming cut

Cameron reported something else exciting throughout the guide-up to The Way of Drinking water’s launch: He’d like to make films with distinct cuts for their streaming releases, potentially stretching up to six hours on streaming. “I want to do a movie which is six hrs lengthy and two and a 50 percent hours extensive at the exact time. Exact same movie,” he informed Dune director Denis Villeneuve in 1 of Variety’s “Directors on Directors” interviews.

“You can stream it for 6 hours, or you can go and have a additional condensed, roller coaster, immersive version of that experience in a movie theater,” Cameron reported. “Same film. Just, one’s the novel, and one’s the motion picture. Why not? Let us just use these platforms in techniques that haven’t been carried out just before.”

If there’s any franchise that would seem like it’d justify that cure, it’s the Avatar videos, presented the 10 years-plus setting up and preproduction period they went via. There’s so much joyous Pandora tourism in The Way of Drinking water, and so lots of new characters with their have small arcs, that it’s effortless to picture a far more Tv-oriented version of the film with additional episodic footage, drawing out some of these stories at size.

But Landau confirms that for now, at least, Cameron is just blue-skying about know-how and the long term, and there are no ideas for a for a longer period streaming reduce of Avatar: The Way of H2o.

“I think Jim is seizing on opportunities for other tales with two distinctive cuts — the notion would be that you develop a greater, epic narrative that can very last 6 several hours, and you pull a two-and-a-fifty percent-hour film out of it.” But unquestionably not with either Avatar 2 or the already-shot Avatar 3, he suggests: “We really don’t have the volume of information to do that.”

Avatar: The Way of Water is in theaters now.

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