Avenue Fighter 6 Artwork Director Breaks Down Each and every Unveiled Character Style

Every time a new Street Fighter entry rolls around, we get released to a new solid of figures and reintroduced to some of our favored series mainstays. Road Fighter 6 is no various in this regard. Amid the new additions like Kimberly, Jamie, and Luke, longtime gamers can uncover comfort in the presence of fighters like Ryu, Chun-Li, Guile, and Ken showing as effectively. Even so, even those people returning fighters have some adjustments to their seems, outfits, and personalities for this sixth mainline entry.

In the course of our vacation to Osaka, Japan, where we frequented Capcom’s headquarters, we sat down with Road Fighter 6 art director Kaname Fujioka to find out a lot more about his time at Capcom. “The most significant inspiration for me seeking to sign up for Capcom and perform on preventing video games was Avenue Fighter II,” he says. “I was finally equipped to do character design get the job done for other non-Street Fighter major-series fighting games, no matter whether it be Purple Earth, Jojo’s Strange Adventure, and also Capcom vs. SNK, but I never really had the prospect to operate on a mainline Street Fighter game.”

Street Fighter 6

“I inevitably grew to become the director of the Monster Hunter collection and that was my principal task and series for a when, but I genuinely needed to perform on the Avenue Fighter series,” he continues. “I just hardly ever definitely experienced the opportunity for practically 20 a long time. Finally, I turned pleasant with [Street Fighter 6 director Takayuki] Nakayama-san and defined that I really desired the possibility to work on Road Fighter. Nakayama-san last but not least created that dream into a actuality with Avenue Fighter 6. It took a little while, but it’s last but not least coming genuine!”

Now that Fujioka is last but not least functioning on his dream franchise, he has worked with the relaxation of the crew to create a joint eyesight for the iconic and all-new figures of the series. We went character by character in the Road Fighter 6 roster to understand more about the appears to be just about every disclosed character athletics in the highly anticipated 2023 battling sport. See what Fujioka has to say about each individual structure that we’ve viewed so significantly beneath.



“Ryu has usually been the most important character or legendary character of the Street Fighter series,” Fujioka states. “We needed to go for an ‘aged master’ appear that exhibits all the training that he is carried out. There are some obvious things of Ryu’s structure that exhibit his age, regardless of whether it be the beard or the sash that is kind of reminiscent of Gouken.”



“My impact of Ken is he’s normally been a fiery and explosive – actually fiery, explosive – character,” Fujioka suggests. “He also has a more robust feeling of vogue as opposed to a character like Ryu, for example. I desired to emphasize that, but at the similar time, Ken was variety of witnessed as a playful character in earlier titles, but his setting getting on the run, he has to type of conceal himself.”

For more on Ken’s structure with the Avenue Fighter 6 workforce, head to our devoted post right here.


“Luke, becoming the most important character, we felt that we genuinely wished him to be a straightforward and effortless-to-relate-with style character with no a good deal of curveballs in comparison to Ryu, who’s generally been the major character or legendary character of the Street Fighter collection,” Fujioka claims. “We needed to make Luke a minimal bit unique and have some contrast among [Ryu’s disciplined, aged] search and Luke. We want to make Luke the protagonist figure, but differentiate him from Ryu in his overall look and story. We desired to make him be much more of a vibrant, refreshing sort of character with colors that are quick to have an understanding of with an emphasis on blue and orange.”



“[Similar to other classic characters], we desired to clearly show individuals factors of growing old with Guile as perfectly,” Fujioka says. “We preferred to emphasize the truth that he’s a soldier at coronary heart. I truly feel that no subject how substantially he ages, Guile is heading to be Guile for the most aspect. There are particular matters that have modified, regardless of whether it’s his muscle mass or the truth that he now has a goatee that show his age, but over and above that, we required to increase some much more own touches to him. We gave him a enjoy for the reason that he is extremely cautious in conditions of time and he’s a precision character. He pays notice to how substantially time he usually takes to battle, and which is reflective of not just his persona, but his combating design.”


“She was almost certainly one of the toughest characters to design with this title, specially given that one particular of the authentic creators of Chun-Li is a single of my mentors,” Fujioka suggests. “I definitely want to regard that and make a edition of Chun-Li that is appropriate for Avenue Fighter 6. Chun-Li is liked by several diverse eras of players, and it can be practically as if every person has their very own edition or interpretation of Chun-Li. So, ‘How do I make a Chun-Li that satisfies everyone’s expectations although building some thing new for Avenue Fighter 6?’ That was a substantial challenge for me. In phrases of the themes of Chun-Li, we required to emphasize the truth that she was able to consider out Shadaloo, and she’s a very little bit older now, identical to Ryu. She’s aged elegantly and is extra of a grasp-sort figure where she’s educating those people who are less than her and are a very little little bit younger than her.”



“Dhalsim is a character who’s incredibly tough to express as an individual who’s superhuman and who has actions and is effective in methods that are not like a whole lot of other figures,” Fujioka states. “Which is unquestionably a challenge for me. He’s generally been pretty much a hermit-form, more mature character, so we place a whole lot of effort and believed into sure expressions, no matter whether it be the wrinkles on his experience or his beard. We used a whole lot of time striving to figure out what an aged character like Dhalsim would search like with even extra age.”


“For this title, we desired to emphasize the extra realistic textures for the people when retaining the uniqueness of these characters that are sort of distinct from humanistic figures, whether it be like Honda or Blanka,” Fujioka states.

Kimberly/E. Honda


“She’s like the final piece of the trio of Luke, Jamie, and Kimberly that is pretty much associated to how Ryu, Ken, and Chun-Li have been in the older generation of Street Fighter,” Fujioka says. “We desired to sort of recreate that connection with new characters, so Kimberly’s the previous piece of that puzzle, in essence. Not only that, but we required to make that trio a varied team, with Kimberly being an African American female who is enamored by ninja tradition. She needs to be like Guy, so she procedures bushin-ryu model, but simultaneously, she’s a incredibly athletic character. Extremely bouncy. Anyone who can excel at matters like cheerleading and gymnastics varieties of bodily pursuits. But at the exact time, she’s not a extremely stern character. She’s a person who’s quite vibrant and cheerful and poppy. Like in genuine existence in The us, how you have individuals who are actually into Japanese society. Bushin-ryu is not technically a ninja design and style, but her interpretation is kind of incorrect. She’s assuming that it is, and even even though it technically is not, she’s enamored by it.”

E. Honda

“Honda is commencing to demonstrate his age,” Fujioka states. “If you glimpse diligently, he has some white hairs now on the aspect of his head. But we definitely preferred to hold that sumo essence but also exhibit extra of a new fashion for him.”



“When it will come to Jamie, this was someone that Nakayama-san preferred from an early issue,” Fujioka claims. “He usually needed him to be a rival determine to Luke. As opposed to Luke, who works by using a lot more of a modern MMA design of battling, Jamie utilizes a lot more of an historical drunken boxing type of kung-fu model. We felt that just owning that is not ample, so we included a lot more modern components of movement, like breakdancing and stuff that is probably a lot more pertinent to a youthful technology of persons. We preferred to emphasize that hybrid battling model of this older drunken boxing combined with breakdancing movements.”


“Juri was a new character who was launched in the Street Fighter IV series, and she has often been sort of a psychopath character with a quite darkish facet – a person who maybe has a very low perception of morality or would choose on any job that is provided to her, even like assassination-variety things,” Fujioka says. “This time all over, I experienced the assumed of, ‘What is her identity when she’s not taking on these odd careers? And what does she do for the duration of her spare time?’ It led to this person who maybe will not are living the most healthful lifestyle, who’s just generally on her smartphone, and she will take images of enemies she defeats and shares that on social media. Feeding on a great deal of junk food and candy, and in all probability not the most sociable man or woman. We considered that perhaps she would have made a bunch of poor habits where she just utilizes her foot whichever way she desires and picks up things. She’s not the most stylish kind of character, but it seems like the people seriously fork out awareness to that and observe some of all those behavioral antics from her. I’m definitely delighted that people today took discover of that.”

Street Fighter 6 arrives on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, and Personal computer in 2023. For more exceptional protection of the extremely predicted preventing recreation, head to our hub by clicking on the banner down below.

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