Avenue Fighter 6 roster – each verified and leaked character

Excited to obtain out who built it onto the Avenue Fighter 6 roster? The Street Fighter 6 release date is pencilled in for 2023, so there’s lots of time for a lot more figures to be disclosed. On the lookout back again to more mature online games in the sequence, Road Fighter 4 launched with 25 people, but the lacklustre Road Fighter 5 highlighted just 16 figures on day a single. Capcom seems to be finding out from its earlier problems, so we’re hoping for a substantial roster this time all over.

In a shocking convert of situations, Capcom has declared each individual character joining the Road Fighter 6 roster forward of the game’s launch up coming 12 months at TGS 2022.

Road Fighter 6 figures listing

Here are the verified people in the Avenue Fighter 6 roster so much:

  • Ryu
  • Chun Li
  • Luke
  • Jamie
  • Guile
  • Juri
  • Kimberly
  • Ken
  • E Honda
  • Blanka
  • Dhalsim
  • Manon
  • Marisa
  • Lily
  • JP
  • Dee Jay
  • Cammy
  • Zangief


Ryu’s quest to fight the strongest opponents across the world is considerably from around in Road Fighter 6. According to the Avenue Fighter Twitter account, Ryu doesn’t feel his journey is over but as he learns to turn out to be a more powerful fighter. His regular gi has been altered with a kasaya (a robe worn by Buddhists), equivalent to the just one worn by his grasp, Gouken.

Chun Li looking into the distance as she raises her leg above her head in a fighting stance

Chun Li

With Shadaloo’s reign of terror formally above, Chun Li decided to give up her task as an ICPO agent. In its place, Chun Li operates kung fu classes as her working day work, earning her a valued member of her regional group. She also spends her time searching following Li-Fen, a person of the victims of the Black Moon Incident back in Street Fighter 5.

Luke looking directly into the camera as he readies himself to fight an opponent


Luke’s short introduction in Road Fighter 5 points out why he preferred to join the navy. His father sacrificed himself protecting civilians during a terrorist attack, prompting Luke to be part of the Particular Forces to become just like him. After a conversation with Guile, Luke decides to depart the armed service as he needs to try his hand at some thing new. In Avenue Fighter 6, he’s taken up a part as a contractor for a private armed service business.

Jamie in a fighting stance as he looks away from the camera


Jamie takes advantage of the Drunken Fist battling design and style, a initial for the Road Fighter series. When Jamie will take sips from his jug, he gains new distinctive moves and gets extra solutions for some of his assaults. He’s seriously encouraged by Yun and Yang, two well-liked characters from Street Fighter 3. Jamie’s moveset seems to borrow heavily from the twin’s attacks as he blends his unpredictable breakdancing design with some of their lightning-fast talents.

Guile looks into the distance as he presses buttons on his smart watch


Street Fighter’s family person, Guile returns to Avenue Fighter 6 following using down Shadaloo and finally avenging Charlie’s demise. Guile remains a member of the US Air Pressure, sporting a blue jumpsuit this time about. He briefly served as a mentor to Luke in Road Fighter 5, so we be expecting these characters to interact yet again now that Luke has pursued his new career route.

Juri stares at her opponent as her eye shines purple


Juri returns to Road Fighter 6, sporting her costume from Tremendous Street Fighter IV. It seems Juri’s combating style has been enhanced, now she can hearth reduced projectiles and complete her leaping axe kick without the need of getting to invest any Fuha stocks. Admirers will be pleased to know Juri’s traveling dive kick is back, providing her an outstanding attacking solution although airborne.

Kimberly holding a spray can as she tags a wall in front of a bright, colourful background


A scholar of the Ninja identified as Person (certainly, the man from Street Fighter Alpha and Ultimate Combat), Kimberly has graduated from university early and is committed to turning out to be a absolutely-fledged ninja. As a fan of ’80s pop culture, Kimberly arrives outfitted with a cassette stocked with traditional tunes which she occasionally utilises during her particular moves.

Ken Masters smiling with a toothy grin as he clenches his fists together


Ken returns to Street Fighter 6 in a considerably scruffier point out than the final time we saw him. Sporting a tan coat, a dark vest, and boots more than his normal crimson Gi, he may possibly be dressing casually, but his fighting type is something but. Ken sports activities his variety of goal combos, fire-imbued dragon punches, and new moves to preserve factors spicy.

E Honda stretching his hands out before combat in Street Fighter 6

E Honda

The iconic sumo wrestler joins the cast of Avenue Fighter 6, sporting a new outfit about his conventional sumo garb. Honda’s well-known Hundred Hand Slap now has an animation at the end of it to stun the opponent. It does not glimpse like Honda’s Road Fighter 2 stage is generating a return any time quickly, although this could improve closer to release.

Blanka with his arms out stretched as he prepares to fight in Street Fighter 6


Blanka is again, this time donning a denim blue jumpsuit. His cartoon avatar from Street Fighter V can be spotted in Globe Tour trailer, which implies Blanka previously has a DLC costume offered. Blanka’s Street Fighter 2 phase returns, featuring the large tree with a massive snake wrapped about it.

Dhalsim locked in time as he poses between a soldier and an elephant


Not like a great deal of returning figures in Street Fighter 6, Dhalsim’s look is largely unchanged from the last time we saw him. Affected person gamers will be happy to see Dhalsim’s stretchy limbs and fireplace projectiles continue being intact. He doesn’t have entry to his Road Fighter 2 stage, but it seems to be like Dhalsim does have a phase centered in India showcasing a golden statue in the qualifications.

Avenue Fighter 6 roster announcement

Capcom discovered the total Street Fighter 6 roster at TGS 2022. When compared to the leak a few months in the past, it appears 4 figures are missing from the start line-up.

These four figures may possibly appear as DLC fighters in the future:

Avenue Fighter 6 roster leaks

Shortly just after the 1st Road Fighter 6 trailer dropped, a established of notion art pictures surfaced on-line that seemingly confirms the total start working day roster. The leaked Street Fighter 6 roster has 14 returning figures and 8 new fighters. Capcom has verified the leaks on Twitter, but the characters have not been talked over in any interviews however.

Here’s the leaked Avenue Fighter 6 roster:

  • A.K.I
  • Akuma
  • Blanka
  • Cammy
  • Dee Jay
  • Dhalsim
  • E. Honda
  • Ed
  • JP
  • Juri
  • Ken
  • Kimberly
  • Lily
  • Marisa
  • Mimi
  • Rashid
  • Zangief

There’s also a leaked gameplay clip of Cammy carrying out her Tremendous Combo in coaching method, confirming the existence of vintage costumes. Avenue Fighter 5 also involved common costumes for most of the returning people, but some of these outfits were out there as compensated DLC only.

That is every thing you need to know about the Road Fighter 6 roster so considerably. If you’re on the lookout for more competitive titles like this just one, you should study our multiplayer games list. We also have a listing of the most effective fighting video games if you want to explore a lot of excellent game titles in the style.

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