Avoid These 10 Most Common Home Decor Mistakes

Decorating your home is not an easy task as the options available in the market are endless. While you may have a substantial home decorating budget, but you also need to develop the right taste so that the decorated home really stands out instead of looking overdone hence we have listed 10 home decor mistakes you should avoid;

  1. Choosing Trend Over Timeless:

Trends do not last for a long time and they come and go hence investing in them is not a smart move as you will have to get rid of it as soon as the trend gets old hence stick to timeless pieces that never go out of style so that you need not redecorate for a long time.

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  1. Using Your FavoriteColor for the Primary Color:

Your favoritecolor should be used on accent walls instead of using it as the main color as it will disappear if used everywhere whereas if used on a wall as an accent, the color will pop and get highlighted.

  1. Painting Before Furnishing:

You may not get the essence of the entire room before placing the furniture hence paint after you furnish the room so that you can experiment which color works best with them.

  1. Displaying all Your Collections:

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You might be a collector but that does not mean you need to keep your entire collection on display. Only decorate with the ones which resonate with the home theme and store away the rest.

  1. Choosing on the Spot Fabric Colors:

Do not choose colors of fabric when you visit a store as it may look different in your house lighting and environment hence bring some samples home to see how it goes with your decor idea before finalizing.

  1. Over-matching Things:

Matching a lot of accessories in the room does not really work as everything of the same color does not go together. Be a little creative and add some other color along instead of using the same color for furnishing.

  1. Obstructing Access:

Place the furniture such that it does not obstruct anyone who is trying to pass through. Arrange them away from stairs and passages.

  1. Pushing all Furniture Against the Walls:

Pushing furniture against the wall only makes the room look smaller hence place all the furniture away from the wall in the center to create a cozy and comfortable seating area.

  1. Ignoring the Outdoor:

While decorating the house, most people focus on beautifying the indoor while completely forgetting about how the outdoor looks. Split the redecorating budget and allocate some to redecorate the outdoor as well. You can build a nice garden in your backyard and renovate your driveway and garage door. You also need to refresh your fences to keep critters away from your backyard as well as entering the home by installing a critter fence throughout the boundary of your property.

  1. Buying or Holding on to Things You Don’t Like:

Many times,people hold on to furniture which they do not enjoy much but are obliged to keep, just because they have received it from someone. People also tend to compromise on their choice and buy cheap furniture which they are not crazy about, just to stick to a budget. Do not buy or keep any furniture in your home if you do not absolutely love it or else it fails the entire process of redecorating.

You may hire an interior decorator to change how your house looks but ultimately it is you who needs to live in it hence do not blindly go by the decorator’s taste but pitch in your ideas so that the decorated house resonates with your personality.

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