Why Ballet Dancers Wear Ballet Tights?

It is very much well-known that ballet dancers wear tights while taking a ballet class. Different places will have different rules, but mostly, pink tights are worn. These pink tights are then worn with pink shoes or slippers. The ballet shoes are required to match the color of the ballet tights. So, before you plan to go to the shop to buy affordable ballet tights for your ballet class, you should definitely know the reason why it is worn by all ballet professionals.

History of Ballet Tights

In the 16th and 17th centuries, the lower part of the body of people who did ballet was covered. Only the ankles were revealed to show the footwork. As time went on, the skirts of the female dancers were made small, so that more legroom could be provided for the movement. And then in the 1800s, short tutus were used to be worn. For the men, the jackets which used to be longer were shortened, and the entire leg was shown. The tights used to produce a seamless look. This is what seen in classic ballets of today.

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After that, in the 20th century, the ballet dancer’s body used to be shown more. That is when leotards and affordable ballet tights were introduced for the women. For men, it used to be only the affordable ballet tights. Now with the introduction of stretcher materials, the affordable ballet tights became more popular. It showed off the dancer’s grace, while still covering the dancer’s modesty.

Advantages of Affordable Ballet Tights

  • Affordable ballet tights keep the lower part of the dancer’s body warm. This is an advantage in places where it is very cold, and you have to attend a show or concert for ballet dancing.
  • Wearing tights help in circulation of the lower part of the body as well. It is very well known that, while doing ballet, you have to be very much at the top of your stamina in order to perform well.
  • Wearing tights while doing ballet will help in absorbing all your sweat from the lower part of the body, and also keep the area cool. It will also maintain its shape even after absorbing much perspiration.
  • Helping in allowing more freedom in movement, and thus not restricting any kind of movement. This is very much important because, without a bendable movement, you cannot do ballet. This is also helped by the stretchiness of the affordable ballet tights as well.
  • Wearing tights allow your footwork to be seen quite clearly by the audience. In ballet, footwork is the main criteria, and therefore wearing tights help to see that movement. This will help the audience to appreciate your performance more and thereby help you gain brownie points too.
  • The tights overall give a lightweight coverage between the legs. This helps in doing more ballet dancing, without having any such problems, and also feels comfortable as well.
  • The color of the tights, which is mostly worn in pink – help the dancer to stand out in front of the audience. This will help his or her performance to be noticed in a lot better way.
  • Finally, tights are very much comfortable to wear regardless. This is the reason why it is opted by almost all ballet dancers. Having to wear comfortable clothes is very necessary because you’ll be dancing and jumping quite a lot.

Ballet Dancers


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Therefore, it is easily seen that wearing tights is the best way to do ballet dancing. It makes you feel lightweight, comfortable and moreover aids in your performance too. Hopefully, the above reasons will convince you to buy ballet tights for your ballet dancing.

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