Battle of the PCs – Lenovo Desktop PC vs. HP Desktop PC

If you are not a technology enthusiast, selecting a suitable desktop PC for yourself is overwhelming. 

Whether it is Lenovo Desktop PC or HP Desktop PC, they are both reasonably popular. So, which one would you choose?

Lenovo vs. HP – Brand Comparison

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Lenovo Desktop PC brand expands over 3 different categories. These categories include Erazer, ThinkCentre, and Lenovo. 

Erazer is better suited for your home-use needs, such as entertainment and gaming. ThinkCentre desktops are perfect for business requirements. Reliable, secure, and productive! And, Lenovo models boast of their audio-video quality supremacy and are monetarily feasible.

On the other hand, HP desktop PCs hold an impressive history of innovation in their technology since their inception in 1939.

They offer about 70 desktop PC versions spread across 4 broad categories – Ready To Ship, Essential, Advanced, and Elite.

Ready To Ship stands true to its name – pre-configured and quickly shipped within 24 hours. 

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Essential Desktop PCs are budget-conscious and robust in operation. If you are looking for a PC to suit your business need, Advanced PCs offer expansion and performance. Also, Elite PCs are business-focused, designed with expansion technology and security in mind.

So, which one is more promising?

Is Lenovo Desktop PC Better?

There’s more to this brand than their light-weighted and thin laptops, which makes it better than HP PCs.

  • Incredible Product Offerings

The ThinkPad range is one of the best Lenovo offerings. Whether you look at the business sector or education field, this specific range of the model is well-accepted. It’s lighter on the pocket too.

Besides the ThinkPad range, the Lenovo Legion line of laptops also earns good reviews from gamers!

  • Better Customer Service

If you compare the customer services between the HP and Lenovo brands, Lenovo wins considerably. HP is not well-liked in the computer industry due to its poor customer service experience.

On the other hand, if you seek solutions for any technical issue, Lenovo promptly helps resolve them.

  • Longevity

Thanks to their technical specifications and solid physical design, Lenovo PCs can easily survive some crashes and drops. So, if you choose a Lenovo Desktop PC, rest assured that it will last a while.

Is HP Desktop PC Better?

HP Desktop PCs offer their fair share of advantages, giving them an edge over the Lenovo PCs.

  • Better Design

If you deem aesthetic designing a vital factor, HP PC might be the one for you! They look more eye-pleasing than the generic Lenovo designs.

  • Supreme Monitor Display

HP offers better and high screen resolutions. Their screens are undoubtedly excellent to look at and deliver crystal clear displays.

  • Incredible Graphics

HP would win hands down if you were to consider graphics of several different PCs alongside! They boast themselves of a better graphics quality. But this same excellence in graphics comes with the downside of high cost. No wonder, HP is on a pricier side.

Who Won the Battle?

In 2020, Australian PC sales soared to about 5 million or 11.20%

But, if it was up to you, which brand would you finally pick? Which is more reliable and better suited for you?

If you need something with high specs, HP is it for you. It has been in the market longer, so it’s also easier to fix. And let’s not forget the endless range it offers.

But Lenovo is not too far, either. Budget-friendly, more extended warranty, and better liked for home-use or educational purposes.

Your specific requirement would best answer this question at the end of the day!

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