Does Being An Introvert Make It Harder To Find Work?

If you’re an introvert and you’re currently in the market to find a job, you may feel like your personality is going to make the job-hunting process more challenging. In some ways, it can and extroverts can certainly have certain advantages. However, those challenges, or even perceived challenges, can be overcome by following some tips and simply maintaining a positive mindset.


This article will be focusing on some key things you can do to overcome any obstacles created by having an introverted personality, as well as a few job or industry recommendations for introverts.


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Target Jobs That Cater To Your Strengths


Some introverts believe they have less to offer a job or potential employer than an extrovert, but this is entirely untrue. Both extroverts and introverts have skills, attributes, and experience that will prove to be invaluable in the right work environment.


Before embarking on a serious hunt for a job, first, write down everything that’s positive about yourself as it pertains to finding and keeping a job. This includes any current skills, experience, and qualifications you have, personal attributes, your work ethic, and attitude, your ability to work autonomously or as part of a team, and so on. Once you have this list in front of you, you’ll soon realise just what a valuable employee you would truly be.



Believe In Who You Are


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The step above regarding making a list will go a long way towards helping you with any self-belief issues you might have.


The important thing is to develop and maintain a healthy level of self-confidence. If you don’t believe in yourself, how can you expect a potential employer to?


Another thing you can do is seek genuine, positive feedback from those around you, such as your family members and close circle of friends. These people like you for a reason and therefore so can an employer and coworkers.


Seek Help With Job Interview Preparation and Skills


One of the most challenging aspects of finding a job for introverted people is the interview process. For some, this can be as scary as hell. However, most of that fear is simply unwarranted and has no rational basis. You don’t have to be a big talker or have an extroverted personality to successfully negotiate a job interview.


If you’re feeling a little insecure about it and lacking some confidence to create a good first impression, then seek some help. Places like Jobactive providers can assist you with your interview skills. You can also go online and read the information on how to improve your job interview technique or watch some videos on the subject.

Another thing you can do is sit down with someone who acts as the interviewer and practice running through various job interview scenarios to improve your confidence and body language.


Emphasise Your Good Points and Qualifications


Whether it’s in a cover letter, your resume, emails to potential employers, or during the course of an interview, always make a point of emphasising your good points, your experience, skills, qualifications, and what you’ll bring to the table should you be given the job.


The very first topic in this article will help you with this, where you made a list of everything positive you can think of as it pertains to gainful employment.


Employers basically just want to know that you have a good attitude, some skills relevant to the job and that you are reliable and have a good work ethic.


What Are Some Suitable Positions for Introverts?


Let’s now quickly take a look at some ideal industries and jobs for introverts:

  • IT and technology
  • Creative roles
  • Trade and construction
  • Clerical duties
  • Content creators
  • Finance
  • Jobs in healthcare
  • Service and hospitality roles
  • Analytical or researcher jobs
  • Freelancing
  • Data analyst
  • Scientist
  • Pet groomer
  • Warehouse workers
  • Security guard
  • Veterinarian
  • Laboratory technician
  • And many more…


The list could go on and on. There are loads of jobs that suit people with more introverted personalities. Many of these jobs really won’t appeal to extroverts anyway, so often introverts have to fill the role.


In Conclusion


While it might seem daunting at times, there really is nothing stopping an introvert from finding the job they’re most suited to and truly desire. Finding work is not realistically harder.

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