Benefits of Choosing Weathertex as External Cladding for Your Home

External cladding is kind of a skin or a layer to your house. It doesn’t bear any load on itself and it is actually attached to a house from the outside to protect the house from any harsh weather conditon and sheds the rain water. Weathertex cladding also enhances the charm of a home along with increasing its value. A proper external cladding can make a huge impact on its surrounding environment. Sound solution and thermal solutions, resistant to fire and the somewhat easy cleaning capacity are secondary roles of external cladding. When someone is opting for an external cladding the specifications matter according to the environment and how it can elevate the home.

Choosing the Right External Cladding for Your Home:

There are wide ranges of external cladding available in the market. So, you must consider mostly all of the following factors before making a choice.

1. Color

Depending on the color of your external cladding (be it weathertex cladding or other ones), the heat absorbing and reflecting capacity will be having a direct impact. For any home of the hotter climate, the light colored cladding is an ideal choice. Some of the external claddings come with reflective surfaces and for hotter climates, these are very much appropriate. Many places experience bitter winters and for these places, dark colored claddings are the best choices.

2. Aesthetics

External claddings come in every style and design. Because of that, it is important to think of the ultimate exquisite look of the home before choosing the right cladding.

3. Texture or Profile

Along with styles and designs one can find external claddings like weathertex claddings of various different profiles and textures which have vertical, horizontal or else angled patterns.

Weathertex External Cladding:

Most homeowners favorite cladding is weathertex external cladding. The proportions of timber and wax of these claddings are 97% and 3% respectively. These specifications are apt for repelling water. Nearly most of these claddings can be available with primer and only some manufacturers have claddings without primer. For the raw look of timber and uncharacteristic nature, many opt for the un-primed weathertex external cladding.

Types of Weathertex Cladding:

The weathertex external claddings are available mainly in three different types-

  1. Classic: Classic weathertex claddings are the traditional weatherboard without the imperfection of knots and grain.
  2. Selflok: Selflok weathertex claddings are manufactured with a self-locking system for each weatherboard giving it a unique ship laden profile.
  3. Primelok: These external claddings are manufactured with the primelok fixing system. The installation process of these weatherboards is easy because of the plastic splines.  

Weathertex Cladding

Benefits of Weathertex External Claddings:

  • Two major benefits of weather claddings are durability and sustainability.
  • As weathertex external claddings are natural these don’t have much impact on the environment.
  • There is no glue or artificial binders in these claddings.
  • When these claddings are manufactured all the sugars and starches are removed, this makes them resistant to the termite infestations.
  • With the weathertex cladding, you have a guarantee of your home protection for 25 years.

Look for Good Suppliers:

When you are opting for these weathertex external claddings, you should ensure that these are of 9.5mm thickness. Usually, these claddings are not available as per the measurements. Only the manufacturers can instruct how the sealant is to be applied. If there is any gap then sealant should be flexible. The weathertex claddings can be applied to both timber frames as well as steel frames.  

If you look online then you can find multiple suppliers who supply weathertex external claddings as per the measurements. You can compare the prices along with the claddings’ quality, they offer. What you need to know is that you need to paint these weathertex claddings only after 15 years to maintain the looks. Go through various ratings and reviews to choose the right supplier for the weathertex cladding.

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