Benefits Of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy And What To Expect With HBOT

This may surprise you but it’s been around 40 years now that hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been used to cure a variety of medical conditions. Time and again, this therapy has proved its importance in curing many severe ailments like diabetic wounds, carbon monoxide poisoning, crush injuries, etc.

Basically, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a treatment where a patient is made to lie down in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, where high pressure, pure oxygen is used to treat the patient. When your body is injured, it needs extra oxygen to survive and heal. That’s the extra oxygen you receive in those chambers. Following are some benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Reduce inflammation – hyperbaric oxygen therapy can help in reducing inflammation related to skin grafting, reconstructive surgery, crush injuries, amputations, transplanted tissues, wounds caused by complications in diabetes or inflammatory bowel disease, etc. HBOT is a solution to inflammation caused by any of these cases.

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Speed up healing – many problems can hinder the process of healing many wounds. For example, tissues aren’t getting repaired fast, prolonged inflammation leading to tissue swelling, tissues not getting enough oxygen. In these cases, you can’t wait for the blood vessels to provide oxygen. A hyperbaric oxygen chamber can push oxygen tissues much faster.

Treat brain injuries – hyperbaric oxygen therapy can help treat brain injuries like strokes, cancers, degenerative diseases, and poisons. All are linked to a lack of oxygen. HBOT aids in the healing of brain injuries by increasing oxygen, controlling inflammation, lowering cell death, and lowering the pressure within the skull caused by swelling, limited circulation, or damaged tissue. By supplying oxygen directly to brain tissue, HBOT can avoid vascular occlusion or destruction.

Cure damage caused by cancer treatment – cancer treatment involves a lot of radiation that harms the body in many ways. Most often, Radiation can result in brain damage, bone destruction from sores, radiation burns, and radiation-induced wounds. Salivary glands, oral tissue, teeth, and jaws can all be damaged by radiation to the head and neck. Radiation to the chest causes the skin to break down, resulting in infection and severe pain. Bladder pain can be caused by radiation to the midsection. By forming new blood vessels, HBOT aids in the stimulation of cell development in the intestinal lining. This helps heal the wounds faster as new vessels form new tissue.

Improve skin – this may come as a surprise for you as you must have expected only medical treatments from this therapy. But, since the therapy involves a high level of oxygen, it has benefits for the skin as well. The increased oxygen in the body increases blood circulation which stimulates collagen production. We all know what collagen can do for our skin. It reduces fine lines, age spots, wrinkles, repairs skin sagging, improves skin texture, elasticity, and gives an overall youthful-looking skin. Receiving regular HBOT treatment seems like an attractive option for better skin.

These are some common benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

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