Best hair growth oils

When it comes to skincare, haircare, or overall care, oils are known for their actual benefits. So, we dive profoundly into the realm of oils to grab the best of them. 

People always dream of long, healthy, and shiny hairs that look good when it blows with the wind and makes excellent moments.

There are a variety of oils that are good for growth and help improve the shine and health of hair.

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 Fats are the natural source to combat various hair problems like split ends, dandruff, and tangled hair. 

All the oils mentioned here have no side effects, and they are readily available at your market place. 

The school idea of hair oiling twice a week or leaving it for the whole night helps you nourish your hairs.

You can also adopt a healthier lifestyle, which seems a good idea. Good hair oils excite hair growth and combat dry scalp and dandruff. 

To start, understand your hair type, then you may try combinations of oils to have long hair. Various oils are suitable for the growth of hair.

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Coconut oil: 

Coconut oil is good for hair growth. It is a heat protectant, penetratingly moisturize hair features, prevents damaged hair and breakage; it is also suitable for preventing hair loss and hair growth. Coconut oil remains inside the hair instead of evaporating.

It consists of fatty acids, and it penetrates deep into your hair. Consequently, it leads to beautiful, shiny, and long hairs.

If you want this oil goes in your scalp, apply this oil to your hair from mid-shaft to ends. Dry scalp is a significant issue for dandruff, and other hair problems, so use it to your scalp. 

Use slightly warm oil and spread, leave for 30 minutes and rinse off. Twice a week.

Argan oil:

The argan oil is extracted from nuts, which grow in fruits borne on the Argan tree. Argan oil is also called Morrocan crude, and this oil will do wonders for hair growth. This oil is packed with vitamin E, ferulic acid, fatty acids, and antioxidants.

It fights for UV rays and prevents the hair cells from damage. Few drops of argan oil protect them from heat, give nourishment and improve dryness.

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For application, drop oil on your hands and warm it up. Then apply on damp or dry hair, avoiding the roots. Apply a week thrice for best results.

Castor oil:

Castor beans are known for castor oil, which is an excellent oil for the growth of hair. It is rich in qualities such as vitamin E, minerals, and proteins. It is also rich in antioxidants suitable for keratin in hair, making hair stronger, healthier, and smoother.

It is available in the cold-pressed series. It offers many benefits like it controls hair loss, fights against infections and dandruff. This oil can be applied on your lashes for long lashes.

It is thick in consistency; that’s why it should be mixed with some carrier oil. You can add some drops of olive or coconut oil. 

Apply this oil on your scalp, massage it on your scalp then put on a shower cap. Leave it for the whole night. Repeat the process weekly or when needed.

Jojoba oil:

Jojoba oil has a chemical structure that looks like the oil produced naturally by our scalp. Your scalp accepts this oil, and it has no side effects. 

It is similar to coconut oil because it also hydrates the hair deeply, moisturizing and treating hair follicles from inside out. 

It treats dandruff and also improves dryness. It is suitable for long and shiny hairs. Jojoba oil can be used for hair treatment. Apply it before washing and leave for 30 minutes, then rinse it off with lukewarm water. If you use it

Olive oil:

Olive oil is not only good for hair, but it can be used in cooking. It is rich in fatty acids such as squalene and oleic acid, the emollients. 

These are known for smoothness and softness for hair as well as for growth. This oil consists of vitamin E and heat protectant, which fights against free radical damage from sunlight and pollution. 

It conceals the damaged hair features. Olive oil is good for healthy, shiny, and stronger hair. Apply olive oil once a week to dry or damp hair. Wrap in a towel and leave it for half an hour. Rinse with cold water.

Almond oil:

Almond oil is excellent if you want long hair. It is rich in vitamin E, fatty acids, proteins, antioxidants, and magnesium, suitable for hair breakage, and helps hair grow fast.

It is not only good for hair, but it also softens your hands and feet. It is considered to be the best oil for hair growth. This oil is an attractive solution for those who lack omega-three fatty acids in the body.

Apply directly to your hair and scalp. Lave it overnight and wash the next morning. It also works as a conditioner after washing your hair; apply few drops on wet hairs.

Grape seed oil:

Grapeseed oil is also suitable for hair growth. It is rich in emollients, nutrients, antioxidants, which are essential for hair growth.

It is odorless and non-greasy and can be applied easily. It moisturizes the scalp and promotes hair growth, and it strengthens your hair prevents breakage. 

Those who suffer from weak hair and brittle hair then they should try this oil for hair growth. It revitalizes the growth of hair follicles. Apply it deep into your scalp, and it can be used as a deep conditioning treatment. Leave this for 20 minutes, then wash off. It also works as a carrier oil.

Which is your favorite oil?

There are various choices; you have to choose your oil according to your hair type. You must consider the following things before purchasing any oil.

The ingredient list!

Firstly, you should consider the ingredient list. Ensure there are no chemicals, and all the mentioned ingredients are natural or organic, which is best for your hair. It is also good to pick a product that contains organic ingredients to improve your results.

Just listen to what your hair says!

As we are all different, it is the fact that oil that works for one person may not work for another person. The very demanded product doesn’t mean that it is the right product for you. 

Be sure and conscious about hair and skin, and when you feel the product is not giving results, move on to the next category or product range.

Moreover, remember that oils are greasy. Always wash your hair correctly with some natural or alcohol-free shampoo. Always keep one thing in mind that changes don’t happen overnight. Be consistent with having better hair as a result.

Know your hair type!

If you have oily, dry, or normal hair, it is significant to match your oil with your hair’s growth pattern.

Don’t forget to moisturize!

Good hair growth oil has a plus point in that it gives full moisturizing qualities to both hair and skin.

Some natural properties!

Hair is so important to everyone, so avoid harsh chemicals, synthetic ingredients, and dryers because they may damage your hair texture and cause severe reactions.


Many hair growth oils have various functions and usefulness, like a cleanser for skin or face, etc. You should know the versatility of oils and understand about oil to get better and quick results in the end.

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