Best hand warmers 2022: Electric and gel options


inter is here, and with the cost-of-living crisis adding an extra burden to UK households, you may be looking for more cost-efficient ways to keep warm.

Using a heater as and when needed will be cheaper than running your central heating, and piling on jumpers will be cheaper still. Switch to a higher tog duvet and stay cosy all night long and take the time to draught-proof your house so that cold winds can’t find their way in.

But what to do when you’re out and about? Gloves can go some way to keeping your hands protected from the elements, but when you need an extra boost of warmth, well, that’s where hand warmers come in.

Perfect for tucking in your pockets for winter walks, the commute and walking the dog, these slim gadgets are made for preventing your hands from turning into unhappy blocks of ice.

Many are USB rechargeable too, so there’s no need for costly and wasteful batteries. And they come in myriad designs to add some play into your day.

We’ve put together a list of the best to buy now, to keep your hands nice and toasty until spring.

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Lifesystems Rechargeable Hand Warmer


A smooth black pebble that feels like a computer mouse, Lifesystems latest hand warmer will not only provide localised heat relief when you need it, but it also doubles up as a portable battery pack, reviving your phone’s battery when it’s woefully low. The powerful gadget has a 10,000mAh output, which means it can keep your mitts warm for up to 12 hours. Choose between four settings ranging from 40 to 50 degrees. Fully recyclable.

OCOOPA Hand Warmer


Say hello to one of the best selling hand warmers on Amazon. Available in a choice of colors and crafted from high-tech aircraft-grade aluminum and ABS plastic, it feels smooth and comfortable in the hand.

Start on the lowest heat setting, reserving the next two for truly cold temperatures. The rechargeable device heats on both sides, offering 360 warming.

Orastone Hand Warmer


It’s not often you can call hand warmer chic, but this Orastone design nails it. Covered in multi-coloured stripes of varying widths, the diminutive gadget takes just a couple of minutes to reach a respectable 42 degrees and will emanate warmth for up to four hours on a full charge – plus, there’s a little LED torch on there too. Comfortable to hold and available in a variety of patterns, it makes a thoughtful gift for someone special.

Zippo Heatbank, Orange, One Size


Better known for making premium lighters, Zippo has struck out into the world of hand warmers – good news with winter here. This bright orange design not only gives out a stable 50 degrees of heat for six hours straight but it can recharge your devices while you’re on the move too. Also available in forest green.

Trespass Reusable Hand Warmers


This two pack of reusable hand warmers work without electricity, so handy to have on standby in your car or bag. The round pads are filled with gel with a small metal disk which you need to activate by snapping to enjoy the warming benefits. Tuck them into your gloves for gentle warming you don’t need to hold to enjoy.

Oliver Bonas Pocket Pal Avocado Hand Warmer

Oliver Bonas

This cute avocado-themed hand warmer won’t fail to bring a smile to your face. It doesn’t even require batteries: simply zap it in the microwave before you head out and enjoy powerless heating on the go. Bonus points for the calming lavender scent.

GelHeat 5 x Instant Hand Warmers


Instant heat without the need to recharge – what sorcery is this? Not magic, but simple science in a salt-based gel pad. Keep these in jacket and coat pockets, and click the disk within when temperatures plummet to activate the heat. Once depleted, all you need to do to reset them is plunge them into hot water. This offer is for a pack of five, so you can stow them in every pocket in your winter coat collection. Also available in orange and purple colours.

Greatdaily Women’s USB Heated Gloves


A hand warmer and gloves in one, this design brings together the latest in wearable tech to keep you warm and snug over the winter season. There are three levels of heat to luxuriate in, activated by pressing the switch key and the fabric is compatible with screens, so no taking them off to scroll through your news feed. Charge using a USB port.

Urban Outfitters Huggable Heart Hand Warmer

Urban Outfitters

The adorable way to stay cosy this winter. Urban Outfitters stocks a number of heat warmers designed for indoor use, but we like this heart-shaped option in particular. A nice alternative to a hot water bottle, it’s filled with buckwheat grains and lavender – simply microwave to heat and reuse again and again.

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