Anouk Govil Highlights The Best Outdoor Activities For Staying Fit

The issues of stress and anxiety have become incredibly commonplace in the modern world. The mental pressure people face today, coupled with the sedentary life they lead, can often result in a number of health problems like obesity and hypertension. Anouk Govil says that staying fit and spending time outdoors can be a good solution to these problems. He underlines the fact that taking part in outdoor activities can significantly help people to improve their mood, lower their stress and anxiety levels, as well as boost the vitality of their body in the long run.

Staying fit and active should be a key priority for all people to be assured of their well-being and good health in the long run.  According to Anouk Govil, there are many outdoor activities that people can participate in to stay active. He stresses upon the fact that among the options available, people should always try to engage in the activity that they personally enjoy the most in order to stay motivated.

Here are some of the top outdoor activities highlighted by Anouk Govil:

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  • Walking: Taking a walk outdoors every day would be one of the simplest outdoor activities that people can engage in. As per certain research, taking a brisk walk regularly can improve the health of the lungs, circulatory system and heart of people, while lowering the risk of developing type 2 diabetes or cardiovascular disease. Moreover, as walking is a low impact exercise, it is also easy on the muscles and joints, and hence ideal for people who are aged.
  • Running: Much like walking, running also helps in improving the cardiovascular fitness of the body. Moreover, if people opt to walk rather than run, they would not need to exercise too long.  People can easily go for a run at the park early in the morning in order to burn some calories, as well as to enjoy the fresh air of the outdoors.
  • Swimming: Swimming is another great way to improve aerobic fitness, and offers a host of health benefits similar to running and walking. Moreover, as swimming goes much easy on the joints and muscles, people might be able to exercise for quite long in the water without feeling too much strain. Swimming is considered to be particularly advantageous for older adults as it can aid in strengthening the core muscles and reducing the risk of falls.
  • Hiking: Going on a hike outdoors can be an incredibly enjoyable way to stay fit. In addition to providing people with an aerobic workout, hiking can also be beneficial for the mental health of people. According to some studies, hiking and spending time in nature can reduce negative thinking and stress levels to quite a good extent. People can take time to go on a hike or two in the weekends to stay active and fit.

Anouk Govil mentions that in addition to the activities listed above, people may also engage in cycling or kayaking to stay fit.

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