Best standing desk in 2022

The best standing desk might feel like a novelty, but it could improve your experience working or gaming while you’re at home. Sure, it’s hard to imagine playing games without kicking back, but getting up from your chair comes with ergonomic health benefits that are sure to make time spent on your surface more enjoyable.

There are a few qualities to watch out for when hunting for the best stand up desk, especially if you use your office for work and play. For starters, most options are height adjustable, and many use electric motors to make switching from seat to feet quick and intuitive. Some stand-up surfaces also come with extras like built-in USB sockets, cable management features, cupholders, and even RGB lighting.

Choosing the best gaming desk is one thing, but the unconventional nature of standing solutions may seem complicated. So, to help you grab a perfect seatless surface, we’ve picked out the best standing desk options available right now from brands like FlexiSpot, Ikea, and Eureka.

Here are the best standing desks in 2022:

The best standing desk is the Flexispot EP4 with a black tabletop and legs, seen here against a white background

1. Best standing desk

The best standing desk is the FlexiSpot EP4.
Expect to pay $449 USD/ £399 GBP.

FlexiSpot EP4 specs
Mechanism Electric three-stage lift
Desk width120cm
Desk depth60cm
Height range71-121cm
Maximum weight100kg


  • Plenty of surface space
  • Quiet motors
  • Automatic collision detection


The FlexiSpot EP4 encapsulates the benefits of working upright into a contemporary package. Its generous surface space leaves plenty of room for multiple monitors and its whisper-quiet three-stage lift system helps make switching up your workspace a seamless experience.

The EP4 desk’s advanced control panel wields programmable pre-sets, allowing you to store four height preferences. Naturally, this will come in handy if you’re planning on sharing the desk, but it could also help you quickly convert the surface to suit specific activities.

Some of the EP4’s smaller perks, like accessory hooks and USB charging, help this desk rank among the best workstations out there. FlexiSpot has even included anti-collision tech in its design, meaning it’ll automatically reserve if there are any obstacles underneath. In other words, you won’t need to worry about curiosity crushing the cat.

Admittedly Flexispot’s approach to aesthetics is a bit vanilla. That’s not to say we’d rather it racing stripes and a place to put your can of Monster, but it’s anything but a statement piece in terms of looks. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but we are a PC gaming site, so take from that what you will.  

The Ikea standing desk has a light wood tabletop and white legs, seen here against a white background


2. best budget standing desk

The best budget standing desk is the Ikea Trotten.
Expect to pay $279 USD/ £180 GBP.

Ikea Trotten specs
Desk width120
Desk depth70
Height range 72-122cm
Maximum weight50kg


  • Good value for money
  • Large surface area


  • Manual controls
  • Basic aesthetic

Ikea is known for fabulous and affordable flat-packed furniture, and the Swedish designer’s Trotten desk stays true to those qualities. Unlike many other options, this surface opts for a traditional hand crank-style mechanism, meaning you won’t have to plug anything in.

Depending on your preferences and available power outlets, The Trotten may or may not appeal to you. Yet, there’s something undeniably charming about hand-cranked equipment within a modern office space, and your Fitbit will probably commend you for the extra exercise.

If your office is kitted out with other Ikea bits, it should be easy to pick a Trotten desk that blends in with your existing colour scheme. It’s perhaps worth mentioning that there’s a whole Trotten range of furniture that’s designed to live next to the standing desk, which should help you build up to a more elaborate setup on a budget.

In a way, the Trotten’s crank is both a pro and a con. Not having to plug a desk into an already busy mess of cables is a win, but having to get physical with the flatpack piece might feel a bit antiquated. If you’re the kind of person that finds faff a bit novel, Ikea’s solution will be right up your alley. Otherwise, you might want to opt for something powered.

The Vivo Desk Converter is matte black with two tiers, seen here against a white background

3. Best standing desk converter

The best standing desk converter is the Vivo Desk Converter.
Expect to pay $129 USD/ £119 GBP.

Vivo Desk Converter specs
Desk width80cm
Desk depth39.8cm
Height range11-50cm
Maximum weight30kg


  • Easily stored away
  • Space for monitor and keyboard


  • Isn’t actually a fully-fledged desk
  • Might cutter desk space when in use

Already invested in a conventional desk but eager to change up your working style? You might want to consider the Vivo Desk Converter. While this contraption isn’t a fully-fledged desk, it transforms existing surfaces into a stand-up solution, and it could let you dabble with working on your feet before jumping in headfirst.

Despite its compact size, the Vivo Desk Converter provides enough space for the best gaming monitor, and an additional tray should help you clack away on your gaming keyboard from whatever height you occupy.

As the converter simply sits on top of your workspace, it’s also easy to pick it up and move to another area — something that’s bound to come in handy if you share your space. However, that feat is a double-edged sword, as you’ll need a surface in the first place to actually use it.

We’re not trying to say that this riser is a replacement for a proper standing desk, but it’ll give those intrigued by the idea a taste of what to expect. Dipping your toes in the upright water will save you from splashing out on furniture you may end up hating, even if it does mean playing games in your kitchen while you decide.   

The best corner standing desk is the Fezibo Dual Motor, with a darker wood tabletop and black frame legs, seen here with a monitor and laptop sitting atop it

4. Best corner standing desk

The best corner standing desk is the Fezibo Dual Motor.
Expect to pay $269 USD/ £279 GBP.

Fezibo Dual Motor specs
MechanismElectric dual motor
Desk width104.9cm
Desk depth50cm
Height range70-120cm
Maximum weight79.8kg


  • Natural design
  • L-shape could free up space
  • Accessory hooks


  • Shape could hider surface space

Most standing desks feature a conventional rectangular surface, but L-shaped options do exist, like the Fezibo Dual Motor. While corner desks are commonly used when space is limited, opting for an angular design means heaps more surface space to pop down your gaming laptop, screen, and any other bits and bobs that’d normally live on your workspace.

This corner desk also comes with familiar boons like hooks for hanging your tech bag and gaming headset anti-collision detection (again, your cat will thank you), but there’s something to be said about this particular model’s “Rustic Brown” design. While it won’t be for everyone, it’s striking compared to block colours and other wood grain textures, helping it look like a piece of real wood furniture.

Just like traditional corner desks, opting for angles can come with unavoidable caveats. Spreading things across an L-shape can ultimately reduce the amount of surface space you have available to use, and your arms will likely have to take up some room at each side.

Of course, the above is somewhat subjective, and some gaming rooms are begging for this kind of setup. So, if you’re needing a stand up desk solution that’ll fit in a free corner, you should seriously consider Fezibo’s offering. 

Best standing desk: Eureka Ergonomic desk with white backdrop

5. Best standing desk for gaming

The best standing desk for gaming is the Eureka Ergonomic.
Expect to pay $499 USD/ £599 GBP.

Eureka Ergonomic specs
Desk width158.4cm
Desk depth70cm
Height range70-120cm
Maximum weight149kg


  • Designed with gaming setups in mind
  • Supports modular extras
  • RGB strips add a splash of colour


  • Stereotypical gamer aesthetic
  • Pretty expensive

The Eureka Ergonomic is designed with PC gaming in mind, and there’s more to this standing desk than an aesthetic that’ll match your gaming chair. For starters, its surface is covered with mouse pad material, which should protect it from any erratic movements during intense sessions. Its extra width and supported weight mean you could probably sit your rig on your desk, with plenty of room to spare in terms of mouse and keyboard room.

Of course, you can’t call give products a “gaming” label without arming them with flashy lights, and the Eureka Ergonomic comes clad with RGB strips. The desk also supports various modular extras, like a PC case bracket and a keyboard tray, both of which should help budding e-sports players craft an optimal setup.

Let’s be honest, if you’re looking for a desk that’ll fit in with your ordinary living space, the Eureka Ergonomic probably goes a bit too hard on the gamer front. These desks are clearly designed with a proper gaming room office hovel in mind, so you’ll already know whether you’d actually buy one or not.

Best standing desk: Eureka ergonomic with monitor setup, controller on left and mouse and keyboard to right and centre

Products with gamer vibes often come with a lofty price tag attached, and the Eureka Ergonomic is no exception. At $499 USD, this piece is undeniably an investment, even if it does offer an arsenal of flashy features.

Standing desks aren’t entirely a best gaming chair replacement, of course, as the University of Waterloo says you should switch between sitting and standing – preferably one hour on your feet for every three hours on a seat. If you plan to stand longer, then you might want to pair it with an anti-fatigue mat to help keep yourself comfortable, especially if you’ve got your feet planted on a hard surface.

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