5 Best Vape Pod Brands To Know For Beginners

Vaping has never been more popular, with kits that are easier to use, refill, and repair than before. Therefore, you want to make sure you pick a vape kit that fits your requirements, experience, and preferences. If you’re a newcomer to vaping, then a vape pod is the right way to introduce yourself.

A pod vape is a tiny vape that is made up of two parts: a pod loaded with vape juice and a small battery. They come in pre-filled or changeable varieties. Most have power buttons, but some will be automated, requiring just a drag to generate vapor.

So, what are the best pod kits you should try as a beginner? How to choose the right brand among all these various products? Yes, selecting one particular pod can be overwhelming for many new users. Therefore, below you’ll find the best selection of vape pods and kits for a seamless vaping experience.

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What are the reliable vape pods for beginners?

A pod system kit is a good option for people who are new to vaping or don’t want to sort out the mess of e-liquids. Here is a selection of the finest vape pod kits currently available:


The Mi-Pod is the latest addition to the pod vapes all-in-one system. It’s made by the same company that makes the Mi-One AIO. The key variation between the two is that the Mi-Pod uses a liquid pod-based technology to be refilled. You may also utilize disposable pods with the gadget.

The Mi-Pod features a battery that is optimized (950mAh) and pods that hold 2ml of e-juice. The Mi Pod’s personalized auto-draw after pushing the power switch makes it much more fun to use. If you’re new to vaping, you can easily find collection of pacha mama salts in a sale.


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Vaporesso Target PM80 pod:

The Target PM80 from Vaporesso is the most incredible all-in-one starting kit for obtaining everything you need in a tiny space. It is a heavy-duty pod with an 80w stable output and a 2000mAh battery that will endure through your most intense nicotine requirements.

The 4ml juice pod slides into the pod and is held in place by the magnetic attachment. The strong mod kit with a rapid charging mechanism and a high output will provide you with an incredible quantity of vapor and fantastic taste throughout the day.

All of this is contained in a very small, sturdy, and simple-to-use gadget that will meet the most demanding vaping requirements.

SMOK Fetch Pro

The Fetch Pro is a revolutionary SMOK system that mimics the original concept while significantly improving energy output and battery size. When you turn on the 4.3ml pod, which is appropriate for nicotine salt fluids, along with the 80W output will ensure that you receive enough vapor, but the coil mechanisms will keep the best flavor to your preference.

The detachable 18650mAh battery will ensure that you get the maximum out of this gadget, allowing even the most enthusiastic users to get their fix whenever they want. You may use the 0.96” display to keep track of how much you’ve used the gadget and modify the energy production from 1 to 80W as needed. Altogether, the Fetch Pro is an excellent heavy-duty pod setup that will ensure you get the most out of your favorite e-liquid.

SMOK Fetch Pro

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Smok Nord 2 Pod:

The Smok NORD 2 is an excellent tool for the average user, with a lot to offer. The case is available in three brilliant and beautiful colors, and its tiny size makes it quite convenient to take about throughout the day. The NORD 2 is delivered with two distinct pods, each with its coil.

The first has a 0.4ohm RPM mesh coil and is compatible with all RPM coil series, while the second has a 0.8ohm NORD DTL coil and is compatible with the NORD series. This enables you to effortlessly upgrade from the previous edition and provides you with a range of juices and mixes to pick from. Essentially, this is a fantastic midrange pod that is ideal for both beginners and experienced users.

VOOPOO Vinci Pod:

The VOOPOO Vinci Pod is a fantastic gadget between a compact device and a complicated pod system. Its features combine the best of both worlds, providing a tremendous user experience whether you’re a novice or a seasoned veteran.

The pod consists of a 0.3-ohm single mesh coil and a 0.8-ohm dual coil, enabling you to customize the pod to your liking. The pod’s output ranges from 5 to 40 watts, making it suitable for mild and heavy vapers. With a 1500mAh battery, you’ll be able to use this for the whole day without needing to recharge it.

The robust zinc finish case makes it a little more difficult to transport than your starting pods, but its mobility is still a plus. It also has an intelligent puff system that records your pod consumption for the previous two weeks, rendering it a perfect alternative for keeping track of your vaping habits.

VOOPOO Vinci Pod

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In conclusion

Vape pods are very easy to use and understand for newcomers. However, taking the chance to understand the possibilities and what they can accomplish before making a final selection is well worth it. The best part is that pods are often inexpensive, and they’re an excellent backup option even if you decide to go with regular mods or anything more complicated. Nevertheless, with the help of the brands mentioned above, you should discover something that suits your needs.

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