Bigg Boss 16 Working day 54 Prepared Update 23 November 2022 Intense Fight Concerning Archana Sajid In The Ration Endeavor | Bigg Manager 16 Day 54 Composed Update: Sajid bought furious when Archana went to his father, ran to get rid of him though abusing him.

Bigg Boss 16 Day 54 Published Update: In Bigg Manager year 16, the equation of interactions is changing just about every day. Due to Archana, the ambiance of the property is deteriorating all over again. In the episode of 23 November, exactly where Priyanka and Ankit get into an argument, Archana and Sajid also have a fierce fight. Allow us know what else happens in Bigg Manager home on the 54th day.

Sajid mentioned provoke Archana
The 54th day begins with the Bigg Manager anthem. Sajid talks to the spouse and children about Archana. They say that Archana has been despatched to provoke. Sajid suggests that there is no help of the general public with him, what aid would he have if he acquired only 1200 votes in the election. The exact Sajid tells Sumbul to provoke him so that he raises his hand. You can get rid of him but we are human beings so we are unable to elevate our palms. On the other hand, Shiva suggests that I like the thought of ​​ignoring him.

Argument concerning Ankit and Priyanka
Ankit brings early morning tea for Priyanka for the initially time. On this Priyanka states that you have brought just just one day. Meanwhile, some phrases occur concerning Archana and then Ankit and Priyanka get into an argument. Right after this Priyanka tells Ankit that I felt quite bad about your joke. Priyanka states that I have usually fought my struggle as perfectly as yours. Immediately after this Ankit states that you also giggle with each other with Archana. Just after this Priyanka starts crying and suggests that what ever I do, I am the terrible just one. Irritated, Ankit suggests I swear on my mom if I joked with you. Crying Priyanka asks Ankit regardless of whether you take into account me as a pal or not. Listening to this, Ankit states that you know this. On this, Priyanka suggests that she does not concur. Right after this Priyanka says that you have proved in front of the entire earth that I am guiding you and maintain you tortured. Priyanka tells Ankit to be apparent and do not make everyone mad. After this Priyanka leaves from there.

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Ration browsing process
Major Boss provides a new undertaking. Raja Shiv has to choose the family customers for ration browsing. All the family members users sit in the truck parked in the dwelling area. As quickly as the buzzer rings, the members of place range 2 go to Tina and Nimrit and commence filling the ration. Following this, as quickly as Shiva blows his horn, he provides his ration. Just after this Sajid and Stan go and start stuffing the basket and take a good deal of ration and arrive back again to the truck as shortly as Shiv honks. Soon after this, the buzzer rings yet again and Archana, Sumbul and Shaleen start filling the ration, soon after which Shiv blows the horn. After this, Nimrit and Archana get into an argument yet again. Archana claims that this is Raja Reasonable. The identical Sajid claims that she was thrown out and she has come crying. On this, Archana suggests that Salman sir has brought me. In the last, Ankit, Soundarya and Priyanka go and fill the merchandise till the horn appears.

Sajid abuses Archana fiercely
Immediately after this, an irritated Sajid says that I am an unfair king. Sajid claims that someone’s father operates this demonstrate. On the other hand, Archana states that I desire my father was so abundant that he could run this exhibit, you can only notify your father, he will operate the clearly show. Soon after this, Sajid says in anger that get down, stroll down. He has taken my father’s title. Who is this… Sajid claims appear and see your standing by complaining about me. Sajid then begins abusing Archana. Sajid suggests that she requires gain of becoming a girl. Sajid starts off abusing just after this and Archana shouts that see your mom, go to my mother later. Archana states once again and again, occur on, arrive on. Soundarya retains trying to silence Archana. While Tina says that she is psycho. Priyanka states that she did not talk to your father, she spoke to someone’s father. Soundarya and Priyanka make clear to Archana that if you provoke, they will absolutely abuse her. Sajid is roaming all-around angrily in the yard place and Shiv, Stan and Nimrit try to pacify him. Later, Shaleen claims that he will complete the activity but Sajid suggests that he is not fascinated.

Sajid claimed that Archana’s garbage has no standing
Afterwards, Sajid tells Ankit that even a scrap of Archana has no position exterior. Sajid claims that Huge Boss is providing it decay by bringing it. Later, Archana and Priyanka get into an argument. Archana states get out of my room Archana. Archana sits on your own and talks that I really do not know regardless of whether she is my genuine good friend or fake. Later on Soundarya arrives and states that Archana is combating with me for a ginger. For this I battle with everybody and she is blaming me only.

Sajid stated that Salman Khan’s father experienced assisted
Whilst Sajid is afterwards observed crying. Stan and Shiv manage them alongside one another. Sajid repeatedly states that she spoke about the father. She plays the card of richness and poverty. Immediately after this Sajid remembers the times of his struggle. Sajid tells that his father died because of to drinking alcoholic beverages and he could not do anything at all. He was assisted by Salim Khan, father of Salman Khan. Sajid tells that with the money specified by Salman Khan’s father, he purchased ration for two months and paid out the electric power bill. Hearing this, Stan, Shiv come to be extremely unhappy and Abdul hugs Sajid. The similar Sajid tells Shiv, Nimrit and Stan that you folks must not get upset for the reason that of me and take in a little something.

Shiv and Nimrit encourage Sajid to have evening meal
After this, Bigg Boss phone calls Shiv and Nimrit to the confession home and asks them the whole sentence. Soon after this, Bigg Manager states that why Sajid has kept this situation that he will not eat foods until eventually he is called in the confession space. Large Manager says that our priority is that no one’s health should be harmed. At the exact same time, Shiv tells Bigg Boss that at the time you call Sajid. On this, Bigg Boss says that if Archana sits on a rapidly and claims that my mother has been abused, I will not eat food stuff till I am termed in the confession space, so is it proper. On this Shiv and Nimrit say no. Immediately after this Shiv and Nimrit make clear to Sajid and they get completely ready to eat meals. At evening, Nimrit, Shiv, Stan, Shaleen, Tina, Sumbul and Abdul celebrate Sajid’s birthday. With this, the 54th working day of Bigg Boss finishes. Tomorrow there will be initially wild card entry in the property. Sumbul’s pleasure will know no bounds on looking at his pal Fahman.

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