Bigg Manager 16 Working day 52 Created Update Sajid Captaincy Ends Shiv Gets New Captain Of The House

Bigg Manager 16 Day 52 Composed Update: Gautam’s shocking elimination took position in Bigg Manager home on Sunday. Just after which the equation of associations in the residence also changed a great deal. Shaleen once again prolonged the hand of friendship toward Soundarya. On the other hand, Sumbul’s father built an audio get in touch with and identified as Tina and Shaleen as Sumbul’s enemies. Let’s know what else took place on the 52nd day in Bigg Boss residence.

Sumbul’s father built an audio get in touch with
Bigg Manager calls Sumbul to the confession area and states that your father is unwell and needs to talk to him. Right after this, Sumbul’s father’s audio is heard in the confession room and he says what is all this, then Sumbul cries and states that there is nothing like that. Sumbul’s father suggests that these two are earning a large story. Sumbul states that I did not know that it would come to be these kinds of a big offer. Sumbul’s father suggests that there really should be a mate like Fahman. The information is going all in excess of the earth that an 18-yr-old woman is ridiculous about a 40-12 months-old male. generating a mockery of you.


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Sumbul’s father calls Tina and Shaleen as enemies
While Sumbul further more states that father, you know me and I was concerned that you also may possibly not feel these issues. On the other hand, Sumbul’s father states that they are quite bastards and have appear to win the trophy. They produced ruckus on the jacket. They are cursing. After this Sumbul promises her father that she will do whichever you say. There his father suggests that you are a lioness. Shaleen and Tina are your enemies. Exhibit Tina and Shaleen their standing on Nationwide Television set. Soon after this the call gets disconnected and Bigg Manager says that this call was produced for some other purpose but the matters that have been mentioned are completely inappropriate and if this takes place then we will have to just take rigorous measures.

The spouse and children customers talked about Tina and Shaleen’s relationship
Shalin and Tina are all over again witnessed chatting on Sumbul. Tina attempts to convince Shaleen that Sumbul had explained to about her boyfriend exterior the house and then she denied it. On the other hand, Shiv Thackeray and Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia are noticed speaking about that this pair will not last even a day outside the house the property. Even Soundarya is of the robust view that Tina has only co-opted Shaleen for her content. is stored.

Tina and Archana have an argument
Just after this, the 52nd working day of Bigg Manager starts with the anthem. Tina and Archana get into an argument in the morning itself. The two get into a combat over Tina’s Madison paper. Archana tells Tina to select up this paper or else it will seem that the script is supplied in Bigg Manager. At the similar time, Tina will get indignant on this make any difference. Later on, Shaleen and Archana are speaking when Tina comes and suggests do not communicate to her. But Shaleen suggests that it has turn into pretty sweet. Tina receives angry and leaves on this. Later on, Shaleen is observed convincing Tina but Tina’s temperature remains significant. Later on Archana is speaking to Shiv and Shaleen arrives there and commences having offended at Archana and then a fight commences. Following this entire drama, Soundarya is found inquiring Shaleen whether you are worried of Tina. Shaleen says of course on this. Whilst Shaleen states that my way of possessing enjoyable with him is distinct and unique with you. Wherein Soundarya asks once more and once again that are you fearful, Tina tells Shaleen to chill.

Sajid’s captaincy is more than
Following this, Bigg Boss calls all the loved ones associates to the dwelling room and says that Sajid’s captaincy is coming to an close and now a new captain will be produced. Bigg Manager appoints Sajid as the director and his crew of servants are Abdu, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia, Shiv and Stan and they have to defend their ability from a workforce of slaves i.e. Priyanka, Ankit, Soundarya and Archana. If Sajid Khan’s staff wins, he will rule the residence and Priyanka and Ankit’s staff will rule if they get rid of.

Captaincy activity started off
Initially of all, Priyanka sits in the devilish skull and she asks Nimrit to do 100 pushups to management her. Having said that, owing to her blunder, Nimrit will get out of the process. Soon after this, Archana sits in the cranium to control Shiva and states that Shiva has to consume a bowl complete of salt. The operator cancels this job. Archana then asks Shiv to consume 3 bottles of h2o. Director Sajid states that time restrict has not been provided and he asks Shiv to drink drinking water comfortably. Following this the buzzer rings and Shiv beverages all the water and wins the task.

The job supplied by Ankit to Abdu is canceled
Right after this Ankit goes to the action and asks Abdu to try to eat two spoons of pink chillies but Sajid cancels the process. Following this Ankit asks to try to eat two uncooked eggs and Abdu completes his endeavor. Following this, Abdu also completes the undertaking of throwing drinking water on Nimrit. At the identical time, Ankit asks Abdu to drink 2 liters of h2o in 5 minutes and Sajid cancels the undertaking. Right after this, Abdu is questioned to kiss Sajid’s lips 15 instances, but this job is also refused. Right after this Ankit asks to drink 1 liter of h2o in 3 minutes. Sajid commences shouting loudly on this. Ankit frequently provides tasks and Sajid refuses. Priyanka starts shouting on this, then Sajid and Tej begin shouting and say who will shout far more than me. Later Ankit leaves the activity and Abdu’s job is regarded as total. When Priyanka retains her point, Sajid shouts that I am a cheater and Priyanka says that of course I am a cheater, I am a cheater.


Bigg Manager did the trick again
Following this, Shaleen, Tina and Soundarya go to the Devil’s Skull and they have to make your mind up who must come to be the captain concerning Abdu and Shiva. Soundarya and Tina take the identify of Abdul on this. While Shalin will take the name of Shiva. Afterwards, with mutual consent, Shiva’s name will become ultimate for the king. With this Shiva turns into the new king of the residence. At the exact same time, Bigg Boss moves and states that only Room of 2 will be royal and Place of 3, 4 and 6 will be the associates turned down by the king. Although King Shiva requires the choices, Tina and Nimrit are the royal cooks in Area of 2. Area of 3 is made up of Sajid, Abdu and Stan. Space of 4 is composed of Sumbul, Shaleen and Archana. Whilst in Space of 6, Soundarya, Ankit and Priyanka will be there.

With this, the 52nd working day of Bigg Boss house finishes. Tomorrow Archana will be found getting Sumbul’s facet and Tina will be irritated by this. On the other hand, Shaleen will inquire Sumbul to guidance Tina, on which Sumbul will say that I will hardly ever aid everyone who destroys me.

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