9 Common Bra Fitting Problems and the Suggested Solutions

Women experience some annoying and uncomfortable situation wearing bra or lingerie. It is inevitable and all ladies share the same familiar problems with bras. Aside from not wearing the right size, there are other factors linking with bra fitting problems.

In order have the best bra fit to your body and achiever the great comfort of wearing any cute bras, here are the bra problems that women encounter and how to make them right:

Straps are slipping out from the shoulder

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Over time, the bra straps begin to stretch out. The best solution here is to tighten the straps. However, if that does not work, it is about time to change your bra style. Demi cup bras and convertible bras are among the bra styles that features the narrowest set straps, keeping them on the shoulder just right.

Straps are digging in to the skin

If this is your bra problem, it means that the band is either too big or stretched out too far that it does not give any great support anymore. Try purchasing a bra style that is one band size smaller. Also, it means that it is too tight. Tightening the straps does not always been the best support.

Underwire fall away or sits on the boobs

If you feel that the underwire are sitting on the boobs or away from the body, it is likely that either band is too big or the cup size is too small. To get a snug fit, you should buy a bra with a smaller band size. If the cups are too small, try a larger cup so you do not need to change the band size.   

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Cups are gaping

This one of the most common bra fitting issues among women, especially with those Slender, East-West, and Asymmetric breast shapes. The easiest solution is tightening the straps. If this solution is not helping, try sizing down on your cup size. It is possible that the cup size is too big, so it is better to look for a bra style that has narrow cups shapes such as demi-cup.

Cups are overflowing

If you feel like that your boobs are overflowing out over the cups, then it is most like that you are wearing the right bra size. This is the best time that you should buy a bigger cup an provides more breathing room for your boobs. You should buy a bra with one size up on the cup. However, ensure that the cups can cover all of your boobs.

Sides are overflowing too

The top of your breast is not the only one the overflows out of your cups, it can happen to your sides too. The reason for this is the cup is too small. All you need to do is buy a bra with one cup size higher. Another reason for this problem is maybe the band is not tight enough. You can have a solution by sizing down the cup and sizing up the cup.

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Bulge at the back is prominent

This is most likely due to the smaller band size of the bra or it is not wide enough. The solution here tries a bra with a larger band size. In this way, it will give your back the great support it needs. Buy a bra with one band size or explore lingerie with wider bands.

Back band is rising

This could attribute to the larger band size. To help you make the back band parallel to the floor, you should have one size down of the band. This problem also arises when you have worn the bra long enough, so it is time to replace it with a new one.

Sweating boobs

Your boobs are sweating more than ever and the cause of this is either there are too much padding or the fabric is non-breathable. The best solution is here get a T-shirt bra made with cotton to provide more structure for breathing room. Another option is unlined bra style made with fabric with light stretchable lace. Even with Kawaii lingerie, it should be made with fabric that is breathable.

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