A brief introduction to the box springs mattress design

Got some good options? Good for you. How will you make the right choice? Making the right purchase is going to be a little complex if you are unaware of the different types of mattress. Apart from type, size and firmness are two of the other factors you should consider. Shall you buy a box mattress queen? In this article, we all provide you with some useful information related to box springs.

Box Springs

The mattress technology has been greatly improved in recent years. If you want some comfort, it does not necessarily mean that you should invest in a box spring queen size memory foam mattress. Before we consider other factors, make sure that manufacturer warranty covers your mattress. If you are planning to buy a new mattress offering optimal support and comfort then box springs mattress is one of the best options available to you. It is a high-performance mattress.

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So, let’s make the decision-making process simple for you. Let’s see what box spring does.

A box spring is designed to perform some functions including:

  • Provides stability and support to the mattress.
  • Provides the mattress with a flat and firm surface it needs to rest.
  • Keeps the mattress off the floor and raises its height.

However, there are some new designs that come without actual springs being used in the construction. This is the reason why box spring is a little misleading. There was a time when rows of metal coils were placed on iron straps. These coils are connected and held in place with a thick wire. This design was known by the name of bedsprings. This design was made to absorb shocks. However, there were flaws in this design.           

There were too many connecting points in this design. There were metal springs, straps and wire connected together. However, the noise factor was very significant. A mattress with this design began to sag very quickly because coils were far apart.     

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However, some changes were made in the design. The gap between the coils was reduced. Wooden frames covered in cloth were used to improve the functionality. This new design was known as box springs.     

This design comes in different styles. Modern manufacturers are using efficient ways for creating lightweight support for mattresses. This support may be with or without springs. This design still makes use of coils. However, there is a large number of coils used in the mattress. Each coil is individually padded and wrapped to reduce noise. There are many other foundations working with latex and memory foam mattress. The springs are replaced with wooden slats. These slats are made from birch or beech wood. These slats and outer frame are joined using flexible rubber bolts. Sometimes, woven straps are used for joining outer frames and slats together. You can very easily roll up and transport these mattresses.            

This design improves the ventilation and breathability of the mattress. Box springs come in different heights. The height of low profile box spring is 5” to 6” and height of standard box springs is 9”. The height of box springs does not affect the support or performance of the mattress.

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