How to build a fairytale hand-made treehouse

Climbing a tree for shelter and looking at the earth from an altogether different perspective can mean a lot of fun. Some creative ideas can help spice up human life. Especially building a treehouse can take you back to the days of yore when humans enjoyed a great communion with their sedentary friends and depended on them for their shelter. Forest dwellers and hunters made tree houses that provided them with safe homes and kept them out of the reach of wild animals.

A treehouse is never out of fashion

A treehouse is a part of every ancient civilization, but it never goes out of fashion. Today’s modern homes build wooden treehouses in their backyards or gardens for a variety of purposes. Treehouses provide people with a relaxing and enjoyable time in close communion with nature’s best gifts.

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What you can do with a treehouse?

A treehouse makes a tea house, a playhouse for kids, perch for contemplating life, a peaceful retreat, hotel, restaurant or anything else as your imagination and fancy can get it for you. We can say a handmade treehouse is the best symbol of a human’s symbiotic life with nature. During times when ecological responsibility is given the topmost priority, a treehouse can remind you of our never-ending ties with plant life.

DIY treehouse project can be highly enjoyable

To build a treehouse, you need not be an accomplished architect. DIY treehouse building projects can help give vent to your wonderfully creative ideas. A treehouse can bring your imagination to come true and take you to a world of fantasy and merriment. Here we discuss a few ideas to build your own fairytale handmade treehouse.

Life in a treehouse

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Life in a treehouse can also be a highly convenient experience when you equip your treehouse with a few basic amenities like a shower room, kitchen, microwave oven, toaster, fridge, and a two-ring ceramic hob. Decorate your treehouse with a few artworks and handmade crafts and heaven is brought on the earth for you to make the most of your life in isolation or with your family or with your sweet kids.

Preparing to build a treehouse

The first thing you must know about a treehouse is this. Your treehouse will ultimately depend on the tree you have for the project. Though you might grab some ideas on building a treehouse from different sources, you will have to prune and fine-tune the ideas for your typical setting and the structure of the tree on which you will build your house.

Plan properly so that you will have a sturdy treehouse that does not shake. At the same time, you must know how to depend on fewer nails and screws as possible so that you do not harm the tree much. If you use a double trunk tree for your treehouse building project, you can have the much-needed stability and strength.

Scavenge different-sized branches from the wild so that you can use them to achieve different kinds of utilities and designs.

Step by step process of building a treehouse

  • Fix two sets of beams to the tree. The top set of the beams will mark the floor height of your treehouse. Ensure that the pilot holes of the beams are as straight as possible to provide a level field for your treehouse. Then install the beams in the perimeter and square them up. You can install the floor joist once the frame is ready.
  • Once the platform is levelled, install the permanent braces that will support the entire treehouse. You can make use of some hold down brackets to mount the tree. Once this step is complete, you can stand on the platform to move ahead with the other chores. Install the deck boards.
  • The walls must be framed on the ground. Take proper measurements for the walls make sure that the wall siding will overlap the wall ends. You can use pulleys to pull up the walls on to the platform. Since the walls will be heavy, you can get some friends to help you out.
  • Determine how much slope you want on the roof and once you have got the right height for the rafters, put up the centre beam to support the rafters. Finish the roof depending on the materials available.
  • Add doors and access ladders at this point to complete your treehouse. For the platform, use treated wood as it will be in contact with the soil. Space the steps 10 inches apart so that it is easy to climb on to the treehouse. Install the railing and now the treehouse is complete with its basic structure.
  • It is now time to allow your imagination to flow with decorating your treehouse. Equip your handmade treehouse with the basic amenities and it is all done for you to inaugurate your fairytale handmade treehouse.


When you build the wooden treehouse with the whole of your family, it can be really fun and can give you a valuable opportunity to better the family bonds. Since your peaceful retreat is finally ready now, you can plan how you will use your treehouse as you have been dreaming of for so long.

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