Burning Shores – Why Is Aloy Heading To The Burning Shores?

After months of speculation, Guerrilla Video games have last but not least declared DLC for Horizon Forbidden West. Titled Burning Shores, the expansion’s trailer 1st unveiled at The Game Awards sees Aloy soar in excess of the crumbling, overgrown ruins of Los Angeles. Using a Sunwing, Aloy swoops past legendary LA landmarks like Griffith Observatory, the Capitol Documents Making, Santa Monica Pier, and, of system, the fabled Hollywood indication ruins that’ve survived a landscape transformed into volcanic archipelago.

How the now sub-tropical climbs of Southern California arrived to be volcanic in mother nature is not obvious, despite the fact that with the true-daily life San Andreas fault slicing its way as a result of California by itself, it is not a extend to visualize a colossal earthquake has triggered important seismic changes to the landscape – either by using normal will cause or probably by GAIA terraforming the landscape – with lava now spewing out of cracked Earth. LA’s topographical alterations are attention-grabbing also the landscape of Burning Shores is a great deal much more undulating compared to modern-day day Los Angeles, with sea water submerging most of the previous metropolis, generating a network of islands which Guerrilla Games are reporting as absolutely explorable by h2o as they are by air.

According to Guerrilla Games’ press release, Aloy travels to this untamed wildland south of the Tenakth Clan Lands in very hot pursuit of a sinister new menace. The DLC’s tale picks up where Horizon Forbidden West leaves off, with new machines, figures, and weaponry unquestionably set to function in this unsafe new territory. The reveal trailer, and in truth Guerrilla’s press launch, are both pretty limited, but there’s adequate demonstrated to gleam some insight into Burning Shores’ achievable narrative directions devoid of resorting to pure guesswork.


This is especially true when viewed as in tandem with a few of crucial knowledge points discoverable in Horizon Forbidden West, the principal of which is a glyph Aloy scans throughout the A Dam Shame aspect quest. It is a be aware still left by Oseram delver Gildun whom Aloy very first encounters in Horizon Zero Dawn expansion The Frozen Wilds, with him in require of rescue following unintentionally diverting the flow of water at Greycatch dam and flooding Deep Din with him inside of. These exploits are referenced in the glyph still left behind at the site of the old Hoover Dam together with him describing his intent to head south to a location known as the Burning Shores. Will Gildun make an visual appearance in Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores? It appears probable, though with him neglecting to raid the Hoover Dam’s innards for loot above security worries most likely Aloy will face a Gildun more in tune with the dangers of raiding crumbling buildings as opposed to the bumbling adventurer in need to have of assistance in The Frozen Wilds.

One more character speculatively returning is Brin, the wandering Banuk shaman. When initial encountered by Aloy in Horizon Zero Dawn, Brin talks about incoming storms, dying, and destruction, predictions we can ascribe to the occasions in Forbidden West and the revelation at the game’s finish that malevolent AI NEMESIS is at present hurtling by means of house in direction of Earth on a mission to eradicate humanity. Like Gildun, Brin’s mention in Forbidden West is by means of scanned glyphs, this time remaining for Aloy to find out by a bash of travelling Oseram. They’d witnessed Brin drinking machine fluid ahead of exclaiming he’ll be heading to “the position of fire and brine” – this location, of fireplace and brine, is undoubtedly his description of the Burning Shores. Additionally, Brin talks of conference Aloy yet again in the Forbidden West through their discussions in Zero Dawn.

horizon forbidden west burning shores

Ought to Gildun and Brin reappear in the Burning Shores, it is tricky to say at this stage how hefty their involvement will be in the DLC’s narrative. The impending danger of NEMESIS approaching Earth signifies Aloy and her allies are now tasked with figuring out a way to stop the AI ahead of it triggers widespread dying and destruction to humanity. Let’s not fail to remember NEMESIS has been accountable for every single big story defeat in both equally mainline Horizon games – it activated HADES with the extinction signal which set the wheels in movement for Zero Dawn and wrecked the Considerably Zenith colony in Sirius triggering them to flee back again to Earth to recover GAIA to then colonise a new planet in Forbidden West. The occasion of NEMESIS returning to Earth, and the ensuing struggle, could possibly just be far too major a tale to be instructed in DLC. It’s possible then that Brin may well keep a clue to figuring out the colossal task of halting the harmful AI, with the true act of battling NEMESIS reserved for a third mainline Horizon match. These clues, and certainly the knowledge to demolish NEMESIS may perhaps just lie somewhere in the Burning Shores.

That is not to say Burning Shores will be bereft of battles. No, it is just about a finish certainty that Aloy will finally have to just take on a behemothic Steel Devil. These Horus Titans are dotted across Earth, laying in place for generations immediately after Challenge Zero Dawn was initiated and they were forcibly deactivated mid-flight. Reclaimed by the landscape just like LA’s iconic landmarks, the serviceability of the Horus Titans is mostly not known. The one particular in which HADES sought refuge still has a working computer system main, whilst Aloy running to resource ability from the cell of a different fallen Metallic Satan implies there is even now life inside of their skeletal shells. Specified their instrumentality in the destruction of Earth’s bio everyday living during the Faro Plague, the reactivation of a Horus Titan could spell doom for the technologically primitive humans who’ve considering the fact that repopulated Earth. Sadly for Aloy, the Horus Titan lying dormant powering the Hollywood Indication reactivates in the DLC’s trailer, no doubt confirming it’ll be a big distraction for Aloy and her allies as they request to get ready for NEMESIS’ arrival.

horizon forbidden west burning shores

Also, in the trailer we see Aloy is donning a Quen outfit, indicating it’ll most absolutely be showcased as new equipment which Aloy can upgrade. With de facto Quen commander Bohai heading again West throughout the Pacific Ocean to petition his emperor for assistance in defeating NEMESIS at the finish of Forbidden West, it’s entirely plausible Alva and the couple remaining Quen will abandon Legacy’s Landfall in the Isle of Spires and as an alternative accompany Aloy on her journey southwards to the Burning Shores, lending their guidance in resolving the enigma on how to defeat NEMESIS although battling the woke up Horus Titan. Of course, a unification of tribes hellbent on defending Earth from NEMESIS was a key takeaway from the stop of Forbidden West, so the Quen being greatly concerned in Aloy’s trek via the Burning Shores isn’t way too considerably of a stretch.

Most controversially nevertheless, Guerrilla Video games have opted to establish and subsequently release the Burning Shores DLC solely for PS5. Of training course, this final decision is most likely Sony’s as they seem to transfer their initial-social gathering studios away from establishing for the nearly ten years old PlayStation 4, but it does reveal Burning Shores will be an formidable expansion, with the fight concerning Aloy and the substantial Horus Titan equipment probably also a lot of a problem to portray as strongly as the builders would want if it were being produced for both of those PS4 and PS5.

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