Buy the Latest Jabra Elite 65t @626 AED on Souq

Buy the exclusive Elite 65t in an astonishing black color from Jabra at only 626 AED on Souq. These mesmerizing earphones have the most amazing designs & specification and come with a 100% guarantee to enhance user experience. 

Now available on Souq, these earphones are easy to buy as the website accepts all the popular payment methods including Cash on delivery, Credit/Debit Cards and wallet for your payments. 

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Design and Specifications

   The Elite 65t from Jabra comes in a grey box with Jabra’s signature and this beautiful box slides open to reveal an astonishing set of two earbuds. 

     This box also contains a charging case and three sets of rubber ear tips to fit your ear properly. The box also consists of a micro USB charging cable and a user guide for easy operation. 

     The Elite 65t earbuds are specifically designed considering giving the user a rich audio experience, moreover, the wireless feature of these earbuds redefines the concept of convenience. 

     The earphones are effortless in use and help you to receive calls while you are working out or cycling. While calling the Jabra Elite 65t takes you away into a world of unrivaled innovation using its Four-Microphone technology that helps the user to have flawless conversations. This technique ensures that you do not experience any wind disturbance while attending to calls or while listening to your favorite music. 

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     The 6mm speakers from the Elite 65t help you to either block out or let in the sound of the surrounding while calling or listening to the music which is adjustable using an app and further adds to delight with their compatibility with smartphones. 

     All the functions of Elite 65t can be controlled using a dedicated app from Jabra further helping to customize your music in your own way.

     If you’re wondering how to control the music, the Elite 65t makes it easy as each earbud houses a different set of controls. Coming to the left earbud, this earbud features a rocker for adjusting volume whereas a long press allows you to skip or go to a previous track. 

     Further, the right earbud houses a single button that comes handy for play/pause music, answer the call, or you can activate your voice assistant with a long press. Moving on to the charging, the headphones are chargeable and all you need to do is put them in the charging box and now connect this charging box with USB cable.

Power to your Earbuds

While designing the Jabra Elite 65t, the manufacturers specially kept in mind for a great user experience and hence to enhance this, the Elite 65t is equipped with excellent battery life. While running for 5 hours on a single charge the compact design of Jabra Elite can prolong the battery life to 15 hours using its premium quality case. The earbuds come with IP55 protection thus, making them resistant to water and dust. Also, the earphones are equipped with an integrated voice control feature that enables the user to pass voice commands i.e. to read out messages to them or give the user real-time updates like weather etc.

More Power to the User

The Jabra Elite 65t earbuds are enhanced with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity feature that enables the user to enjoy a seamless wireless connection. The earphones can be easily connected to any of your smartphones thus making accessing music or make calls, both without any audio-dropouts very easy. The voice control feature provided in the Elite 65t enables the user to carry out multiple tasks with just a simple, straightforward command.

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