Buying Guide to Get the Best Quality Golf Course Equipment for Beginners

As a golf enthusiast, you must be aware of the precision in its equipment. Even the difference of just one degree in your golf stick will be the reason for losing the entire match. While selecting the perfect golf clubs, their comparison with your height also matter. Every accessory including stick, ball, shoes must be in an ordered manner. As a beginner, it is very difficult to find compatible equipment according to your requirement. Most of the times, people end up with wasting money n unsuitable equipment. Golf is an expensive sport, thus its equipment are also very valuable. If you have recently got the membership of a golf course and planning to buy accessories for playing, this article will guide you with some expert level suggestions. Scroll down to take a look.

A complete guide to buying golf course equipment

  1. Guide to buy the golf club
    The golf club is used to strike the ball that generally considered as golf stick too. For beginners, there is no need to go directly at the high-end accessories as they are very expensive and are worthless if you don’t know their right use. In a golf equipment shop, you will find numerous golf clubs that can obviously confuse anyone as a beginner. It is advisable to go with the option of 12 piece golf clubs including irons, good driver, fairway woods and a golf bag. As an entry-level player, one can approach an online portal that has a good reputation in your country. Brands such as Callaway and Mizuno are preferred for buying clubs.
  2. Selection of balls
    Unlike other sports such as cricket and football, the golf us much distinctive from all perspectives. Its balls are also distinctive that changes the shape as the technology evolve. The quality of your ball is responsible for enhancing or reducing the quality of your shot. For beginners, it is advisable to start with the ball made up of durable material. The ball made with surlyn is tough whereas the ball with polyurethane has a soft texture. Every golf ball has dimples to prevent it from the friction of dragging. On the basis of layers, the golf course balls are divided into 3 segments i.e.:-
    1. 2 piece ball
    2. 3 piece ball
    3. 4 piece ball
    For beginners, the two-piece ball is recommended because it swings slowly while covering a large distance.
  3. Golf apparels
    Apart from the golf clubs and balls, the apparels for playing golf are also essential to add in your starter kit. The clothes are meant for maintaining decorum in the golf course. Although dressing as a golfer is not an essential restriction, still all golfers wear them as a tradition. Here is a list of apparels specially meant for golfers:-
    1. Golf shirt
    2. Golf Trouser
    3. Golf Shoes
    4. Golf glove

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These are the personal equipment for playing, now let’s discuss something about the golf course. For maintaining the decorum of the entire golf course, you need John Deere golf course equipment with high precision in trimming. Currently, John Deere is providing lawn mowers that can cover a large space without getting overheated.

Apart from a mower, a golf course captain also needs to pay attention to turf equipment for sale. Here is a list of this equipment:-

  1. Aerators
  2. Manual lawn mower
  3. Thatcher
  4. trimmers

Most important areas of the golf course

  1. Tee
  2. Course Markings
  3. Practice Areas
  4. bunkers
  5. Greens

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This is the very basic information that every beginner golfer must remember. Understand these things thoroughly before putting your first step inside the golf course.

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